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  • Stroke Support Group: An ASPIRE! Mentorship Project in a Rural Setting 

    Author(s):Tracy, Anya; Tracy, Anya
    I began my participation in the ASPRE! mentorship and leadership program in the College of Health Sciences in the spring of 2013, my freshman year of college. During my second year of the program, I decided I wanted to ...
  • Teaching is More Than Reflecting on Your Teaching: Teaching the Whole Child 

    Author(s):Jording, Linda A.; Jording, Linda A.
    To complete the capstone requirements, I utilized the edTPA. Aspiring teachers must prepare a portfolio of materials during their student teaching clinical experience. edTPA requires aspiring teachers to demonstrate readiness ...
  • Cost Parameters of an Outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease 

    Author(s):Mortensen, Laura Eve; Mortensen, Laura Eve
    Foot-and-mouth disease is a devastating and highly contagious viral disease that can affect animals with cloven hooves. The disease is characterized by a variety of clinical signs that cause immense pain and discomfort to ...
  • AI You're Looking For: Star Wars Technology Saves the Day, The 

    Author(s):Brown, Kacey; Brown, Kacey
    This paper analyzes common tropes that make-up wayward artificial intelligence in popular Hollywood films and the ways in which Star Wars' representation of technology avoids these tropes. Further, I delve into Star Wars' ...
  • Relationship Between the Written Word and Visual Art, The 

    Author(s):Pass, Madison K.; Pass, Madison K.
    Visual art is a category that is incredibly vast, and has a rich and vivid history. The visual arts have wound their way through history, leaving their mark on everything they have interacted with. This is true of the ...
  • Fast and Strong: Myanmar's Struggle to Resolve the Ethnic Conflict 

    Author(s):Lichtfuss, Anne; Cahoy, Klinton; Lichtfuss, Anne; Cahoy, Klinton
    Since the late 1940's, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has faced a long-lasting ethnic conflict, impacting every part of the country. Although the conflict between the various minority ethnic groups and the central ...
  • Retrospective on the Trump Candidacy, A 

    Author(s):Collins, Hunter; Collins, Hunter
    Donald Trump's candidacy along with his ascendance to the top of the Republican primary field is one of the most remarkable events to have occurred in modern American politics. For many current students this is the most ...
  • Motivation for political attitudes: The relationship between behavioral approach and inhibition systems and political orientation, The 

    Author(s):Holmes, Theresa; Holmes, Theresa
    Issues surrounding the upcoming presidential election season highlight the need for a better understanding of the relationship between human motivation and political orientation. The neurophysiological trait systems of ...
  • Film and American Culture: My Four Years in College 

    Author(s):Shimpa, Landon J.; Shimpa, Landon J.
    This paper goes over the five primary thematic elements observed by myself as I looked for commonalities in eight films. By using the most grossing film and the Oscar pick for "Best Picture" for the four years I was attending ...
  • Chemical EOR: Powder River Basin Field Screening 

    Author(s):Pointon, Thomas J.; Wong, Maxwell; Adeniyi, Solomon; Almahasheer, Jarah; Alhajri, Hindi; Pointon, Thomas J.; Wong, Maxwell; Adeniyi, Solomon; Almahasheer, Jarah; Alhajri, Hindi
    This project received a large data package from the EORI. We screened through the data to find the top fields best suited for a particular chemical EOR method, and then determined incremental production increases. Finally ...
  • Language and Identity 

    Author(s):Padilla, Christopher; Padilla, Christopher
    As globalization develops, demographics evolve, and the linguistic blueprint of many countries morphs, the complexity of both language and individual identity becomes more acute. Yet, despite such fluidity, language and ...
  • Flowers in Place of Guns: An Analysis of Kyrgyzstan's Tulip Revolution in Theoretical Context 

    Author(s):Doherty, Vikki M.; Doherty, Vikki M.
    With its 2005 Tulip Revolution, Kyrgyzstan joined the wave of so-called "Color Revolutions" occurring in other countries in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Central Asia. These Color Revolutions were generally characterized ...
  • Structural Design of Laramie County Community College Student Services Center, The 

    Author(s):Bayles, Katie; Bayles, Katie
    Structural Engineers are put to the task of designing the structural systems for a building while maintaining the architectural identity of the design. The structural engineer must choose the most cost effective material ...
  • Effects of Diabetes Mellitus Type Two, The 

    Author(s):Hungerford, Kayla M.; Hungerford, Kayla M.
    Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 is slowly rising in the United States, with poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles increase the number of incidences. Medications are used to treat individual symptoms of diabetes. ...
  • Chemical EOR Powder River Basin Field Screening 

    Author(s):Wong, Maxwell N.; Pointon, Thomas J.; Adeniyi, Solomon; Alhajri, Hindi; Almahasheer, Jarah; Wong, Maxwell N.; Pointon, Thomas J.; Adeniyi, Solomon; Alhajri, Hindi; Almahasheer, Jarah
    For this project a large data package from the Enhance Oil Recovery Institute was used to screen oil fields in the Powder River Basin, and determine the top five fields best suited for a particular method of Enhance Oil ...
  • Winds, The 

    Author(s):Raja, Sulaiman; Raja, Sulaiman
    The winds, the winds are calling….Who feels their sway? Does your ear point towards the source? Will you listen? What vainglorious tempers will be aroused? What stroke of that nigh-ubiquitously perseverant Ego will mark ...
  • Bald Eagles: The Tabooed Image of Cancer 

    Author(s):Scherer, Jaime R.; Scherer, Jaime R.
    There are taboos in contemporary American culture that have been developed and reinforced throughout history that depend on mandatory compliance from all unquestioning members of our society. Among the particularly commanding, ...
  • University Honors House: Going Solar in 2016 

    Author(s):McMorrow, Gabrielle V.; McMorrow, Gabrielle V.
    A group of students in the ME 4460: Solar and Geothermal Engineering at the University of Wyoming were tasked with designing a solar heating system for a residential building in Laramie, WY in the fall 2015 semester (McMorrow ...
  • Assessing Typically Developing Toddler Communication Using the CFCS and FOCUS 

    Author(s):Hopkin, Ashley E.; Hopkin, Ashley E.
    The Communication Function Classification System consists of five levels of communication performance with familiar and unfamiliar partners, from Level I (most functional) to Level V (least functional). In pilot data of ...
  • Structural Design for a Low Rise Office Building 

    Author(s):Halverson, Shane; Halverson, Shane
    The overall goal of this project was to obtain a thorough understanding of structural system design and construction. This was accomplished by studying the four phases a structural project goes through; schematic design, ...

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