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The University Honors Program provides an enhanced undergraduate experience to high-achieving and intellectually-engaged students. In addition to completing a curriculum of innovative interdisciplinary seminars, Honors students benefit from a wide-range of co-curricular and research opportunities, culminating in their Senior Capstone Project. This project, completed by working one-on-one with a faculty mentor, allows students to develop an independent program of research or creative activity into a substantial original work that demonstrates they are knowledgeable, capable and articulate learners, well-prepared to succeed in their chosen fields. Each year, between 100-150 students complete the Honors curriculum and project to graduate with University Honors.

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Recent Submissions

  • Robert W. Speer and the Queen City 

    Contributor:Claymon, Spencer
    This project is the culmination of a semester’s long history research project. It investigates the urban and political history of the city of Denver, Colorado. It begins by looking into why and how Denver became the ...
  • A Dichotomy of Realities - an Analysis of Gender in STEM at the University of Wyoming 

    Contributor:Swenson, Karli
    A comprehensive analysis of the lifelong experience women in STEM fields face, with a focus on childhood experiences, undergraduate education and unconscious biases of superiors. Quantitative study on the dynamics of the ...
  • Ice Nucleation Measurement and Parameterizations and the Broad Impact of Associated Ocean and Atmospheric Interactions Within the Global Climate 

    Contributor:Tucker, Kristen
    Current climate models attempt to represent the frequency and characteristics of mixed-phase and ice clouds in the atmosphere. Ice crystals have the ability to scatter incoming solar radiation, which may have a net cooling ...
  • Improving Progress: A Look into the Experiences of Employees of the Growing Resilience Project 

    Contributor:Welsh, Ariella
    This project addresses and assesses what it was like working at the Growing Resilience project data collection site for the permanent and temporary employees; furthermore, these findings are used to demonstrate what works ...
  • Implementing a One Health Approach to Rabies in Wyoming 

    Contributor:Walker, Elizabeth
    One Health is an approach that addresses the interrelation between to animal, human, and environment health. One Health seeks to unite efforts at solving health issues by providing a more holistic approach to public health. ...
  • Twitter Sentiment and the Market 

    Contributor:Marquard, Talon
    The stock market is complex, and influenced by a mixture of machines, amateur traders, professional traders, executives, and the government. By analyzing the market with a variety of methods, it is hoped to find a model ...
  • Healing Hearts Home Health: A Comprehensive Management and Marketing Plan 

    Contributor:Sedar, Juliann
  • Improving Progress: A Look into the Experiences of Employees of the Growing Resilience Project 

    Contributor:Welsh, Ariella
    This project addresses and assesses what it was like working at the Growing Resilience project data collection site for the permanent and temporary employees; furthermore, these findings are used to demonstrate what works ...
  • An Overview of Anatomy 

    Contributor:Huang, Danny;
    The paper discusses the history behind the study of anatomy and how the study of anatomy can be used a foil to discuss religious, social, and cultural implications.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea’s Role with Cognition, Multimorbidity, and Mental Health 

    Contributor:Gray, Larissa
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by an obstruction in the throat which halts breathing. Consequently, the person’s sleep is disrupted many times every hour, and affected individuals are at a ...
  • What Are The Implications of an Increasing Elderly Population? 

    Contributor:Wadas, Ali
    The percentage of the population considered elderly is on the rise, and it is expected to keep growing as the baby boomer generation all age into the elderly category. The health care and societal implications of this ...
  • Fishing in Prehistoric Wyoming 

    Contributor:Phillips, Amy
    Recorded history of human habitation in Wyoming dates back about 13,000 years. Wyoming prehistory is characterized by changes in subsistence practices as marked by changes in material culture, such as projectile points. ...
  • Women in Composition 

    Contributor:Ellbogen, Paige;
    Women's success in music composition has been limited by societal perceptions that have labeled women as inferior to men physically, emotionally, and intellectually. These impressions have created barriers for women who ...
  • Navigating Virtual Spaces 

    Contributor:Milbradt, Alexa;
    This study aims to understand better understand individual differences in spatial navigation performance. The researchers tested participants’ abilities using a Morris water maze, a standard design that manipulates proximal ...
  • Marketing in the Modern World : Tourism After Terrorist Attacks 

    Contributor:Geary, Alison
    The travel and tourism industry is one of the world's largest industries with a global economic contribution (direct, indirect, and induced) of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. The direct economic impact of the ...
  • EWB-WYO Comunidad Maya Water Distribution System Design 

    Contributor:Wilde, Brandon; Blume, Nick; Hayashida, Presleigh; McKenzie, Tristan
    For the past five years, the University of Wyoming chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-WYO) has worked with a small community in Guatemala to renovate the town's water distribution system. Comunidad Maya receives its ...
  • Extracted Economies, Extracted Lives : Mining in Bolivia and Mexico 1880-1980 

    Contributor:Schuster, Andrew
    The mining history of Bolivia and Mexico is tied to one of extractive industry, of the kind which made our modern world, and the complexity of its problems. In this context many of these raw materials are extracted to more ...
  • Malcolm X and Black Lives Matter : How Media Bias, Globalization, and Exigence affect the Messages of Rhetorical Movements 

    Contributor:Heise, Nancy
    In order to provide insight into the effectiveness of messages about racial equality for black Americans, this project utilized Critical Race Theory (CRT) to assess and juxtapose two Malcolm X speeches with rhetoric from ...
  • Bilingual Attitudes towards English-Spanish Code-Switching in Wyoming 

    Contributor:Uribe, Mike
    This study investigates the perceptions and attitudes that bilinguals hold towards Spanish-English code-switching in Wyoming. "Code-switching is the alternation of two languages in a single discourse, sentence or constituent" ...
  • edTPA : The three Keys to a Successful Classroom 

    Contributor:Baker, Katie
    My presentation will discuss the three keys to teaching in elementary and secondary classroom settings. From my personal experiences as a student teacher, learning how to teach within the no-risk confines of a college ...

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