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  • Role of macrophage migration inhibition factor (MIF) in induced cardiac hypertrophy, The 

    Author(s):Pacheco, Benjamin; Pacheco, Benjamin
    Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer in industrialized nations. Currently, there are 5 million Americans experiencing chronic heart failure with a 5-year survival rate of less than 50%. This poses a serious challenge ...
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Optimization 

    Author(s):Granum, David; Granum, David
    This project conducted a preliminary process design of alternates to optimize an existing simulation of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) facility to produce electricity from coal in Wyoming. There are two ...
  • Results of a Serosurvey of a Rural Population for West Nile Virus Antibodies 

    Author(s):Cooper, Jeanie; Graham, Josh; Hutchison, Jim; Hosking, Seth; Printz, Rod; Niemeyer, Kelli; Richardson, Dallan; Gard, Philip; McFall, Jonathon; Cooper, Jeanie; Graham, Josh; Hutchison, Jim; Hosking, Seth; Printz, Rod; Niemeyer, Kelli; Richardson, Dallan; Gard, Philip; McFall, Jonathon
    West Nile Virus (WNV) is an RNA arbovirus in the family Flaviviridae. While birds are the primary reservoir for the virus, humans can be a terminal host. In Wyoming, the Culex tarsalis mosquito acts as the primary vector. ...
  • Residential Passive Solar Heating and Cooling System and Control 

    Author(s):Crawley, Cember; Cronick, Christopher; John, Austin; Neill, Tim; Crawley, Cember; Cronick, Christopher; John, Austin; Neill, Tim
    A design was created to provide a novel passive control that operates a passive solar heating and cooling system for residential homes in Wyoming. Mathematical models were developed to determine the pertinent parameters ...
  • Adaptive Cardiac Hypertrophy May Be Reversible 

    Author(s):Arcadia, Mario; Boynton, Alix; Dockter, Kelsey; Grasmick, Adam; Slaugh, Shayla; Wegner, Sami; Arcadia, Mario; Boynton, Alix; Dockter, Kelsey; Grasmick, Adam; Slaugh, Shayla; Wegner, Sami
    Iron deficient (ID) rats need to circulate blood faster, due to a lack of the oxygen-carrying molecule hemoglobin. Chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), using norepinephrine (NE) as a neurotransmitter, ...
  • Temperature dependence of decomposition of soil organic matter and thermalaccli, The 

    Author(s):Bell, Jennifer; Bell, Jennifer
    Soil organic matter represents one the largest pools of stored carbon on the planet and is a major contributor to terrestrial CO2 fluxes. Decomposition of soil organic matter adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which ...
  • Equipping an Automated Wheelchair with an Infrared Encoder Wheel Odometer 

    Author(s):Allen, Morgan; Schultz, Dana; Allen, Morgan; Schultz, Dana
    Smart wheelchairs are designed to be operated by people who are unable to use traditional control systems. Instead, they are equipped with a combination of automated functionality and steering mechanisms specialized to ...
  • Targeting Endothelin Receptor-1A (ETA) to Prevent Obesity-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction 

    Author(s):Zhao, Haoyu; Zhao, Haoyu
    In the modern society, obesity has become the major risk factor of heart diseases. Endothelin-1 (ET-1), which plays an important role in regulating cardiovascular functions, mediates its effects on cardiovascular system ...
  • Confirmation of the Gene Cassette Swap of AR1 Tail Fibers to T4K10 Bacteriophage Using Genotypic and Phenotypic Methods 

    Author(s):Willingham, Kassandra; Willingham, Kassandra
    Bacteriophage, viruses that specifically infect bacteria, are one of the most prevalent biological entities. Typically, the type of bacteria which a phage is able to infect (host range) is dependent upon the tail fiber ...
  • Effect of Human Interference on the Growth of Microbial Communities at the Big Spring, Hot Springs State Park, Thermopolis, Wyoming, The 

    Author(s):Wilcox, Tracey R.; Wilcox, Tracey R.
    Recent procedures by the Hot Springs State Park staff in Thermopolis, WY, have resulted in the disturbance of the microbial mats and other growth in the spring and its outflow channel. In the 52 °C spring, the presence of ...
  • Computer-Aided Instruction for Very Young Children 

    Author(s):Wiederrecht, Melissa; Wiederrecht, Melissa
    Since traditional computer input methods are often too difficult for young children to use, it is not yet fully known how much educational benefit these young children could potentially derive from direct interaction with ...
  • Uncle Toby's Groin and Lismahago's Scalp: Representations of War, Trauma, and Healing in 18th-Century English Literature 

    Author(s):Whitlock, Harry L., II; Whitlock, Harry L., II
    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a response to the horrors of combat is not an invention of the twentieth century. As early as the eighteenth century, the novelists Laurence Sterne and Tobias Smollett noted the ...
  • Social Strains in Rural and Urban America and Associated Drug Use 

    Author(s):Ertman, Kathryn; Welch, Heather; Ertman, Kathryn; Welch, Heather
    21.8 million people in the United States have used or abused some form of substance in the past year. It is a growing concern, especially in rural areas. Urban individuals are only 4 percent more likely to engage in substance ...
  • AstroX NASA Sub-Orbital Flight for Dust and Micrometeorite Collection 

    Author(s):Weber, Patrick; Weber, Patrick
    In 2010, NASA laid the foundations for the RockSat-X mission. RockSat-X will provide full access to the space environment which AstroX will use to analyze the composition of the upper atmosphere through which the payload ...
  • Words of God and Men: Literary Criticism of the Book of Mormon, The 

    Author(s):Weatherford, Robert; Weatherford, Robert
    The Book of Mormon is the central religious text of a large and growing sect of Christianity, and much has been written about its possible origins and the conditions of its provenance. However, few people have thought to ...
  • Bayesian Smart News Feed Reader 

    Author(s):Bjornestad, Tyler; Weakly, Rodney; Bjornestad, Tyler; Weakly, Rodney
    The Bayesian Smart News Feed Reader project is our solution to enhance the experience of the individual in retrieving pertinent and relevant information sources of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for news items. ...
  • Phenotypic Evolution of Circadian Rhythms in Arabidopsis thaliana 

    Author(s):Wakefield, Stephanie; Wakefield, Stephanie
    Circadian rhythms are internal, repeating rhythms that can be set by environmental inputs such as temperature and light; because the diurnal cycle on earth is close to 24 hours, circadian cycles close to 24 hours are thought ...
  • Comparison of Unconsolidated Deposits on Areas of Anomalous Altitude and Flatness in and around the Southern Wind River Basin, Fremont Co, WY 

    Author(s):Veggian, Cheryl; Veggian, Cheryl
    Table Mountain is a prominent landform flanking the eastern Wind River Mountains. Despite its close proximity to some of the most studied geology in Wyoming, the time of deposition of the surface remains a mystery. Several ...
  • Adhesion Samples of Bioinspired Micropatterned Surfaces on Photopolymerized Shape Memory Polymers 

    Author(s):Vardell, Victoria A.; Vardell, Victoria A.
    Adhesive surfaces, inspired by biological micropatterned surfaces consisting of micron-sized pillars, were made using shape memory polymers (SMPs) to create a switchable adhesive surface. They were chosen because they are ...
  • Comparison of the United States, Japanese, and Spanish Education Systems 

    Author(s):Vandiver, Aubrey; Vandiver, Aubrey
    There are drastic differences between the United States, Japanese, and Spanish education systems that will shed some light on why some countries education systems are successful and while others struggle. Japan ranks near ...

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