• Presence of Microplastics in Fresh Water Systems: The Snake River and Palisades Reservoir, The 

        Author(s):McDevitt, Cailen; Perez, Lizbeth; McDevitt, Cailen; Perez, Lizbeth
        Marine debris, microplastic (marine debris <5 mm) in particular, are gaining a significant amount of attention in scientific and conservation communities. Debris poses a threat to marine biota not only because they are ...
      • Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition (ICCE): Black Carbon Measurements from the Dinwoody Glacier, The 

        Author(s):Tomme, Lane; Greenwald, Alexander; Mrak, Eli; Reilly, Connor; Tomme, Lane; Greenwald, Alexander; Mrak, Eli; Reilly, Connor
        The impacts of climate change on glacial ice melt have become steadily more pressing over the past several decades. Increased average yearly temperatures have contributed to the recession of glaciers world-wide, and water ...
      • Coccidia Presence in Midwest Prairie Dog Communities 

        Author(s):Winkler, Alison B.; Swope, Zach; Winkler, Alison B.; Swope, Zach
        Coccidia, members of the Phylum Apicomplexa, comprise a taxonomically diverse and cosmopolitan group of potentially pathogenic protists infecting a wide range of vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. Since 2013, we have been ...