• Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis 

        Author(s):Noren, Benjamin; Mikulski, Aliyah; Noren, Benjamin; Mikulski, Aliyah
        Archainnova Biotechnologies aims to create an innovative, long term, and economical solution for the treatment of osteoarthritis. To do so we will utilize microfluidic technology to encapsulate mesenchymal stem cells in ...
      • Integrated Education on Post-Conflict Northern Ireland 

        Author(s):Mittelstadt, Bryce; Mittelstadt, Bryce
        Contact theory argues increased interaction between social groups will help prejudicial attitudes and alleviate racial and ethnic divisions. Contact theory has become the framework for integrated education in Northern ...
      • More for Less: Metabolic Engineering of Yeast 

        Author(s):Memmer, Nicholas; Memmer, Nicholas
        Ethanol is an important biofuel both in the United States and globally. Though various models exist for the production of ethanol on an industrial scale, one common thread is the use of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewer's ...
      • "Willful Woman" and "Cool Girl": Gender in Wuthering Heights and The Hunger Games 

        Author(s):McDonald, Zoe; McDonald, Zoe
        The Hunger Games and Wuthering Heights are two vastly different novels set in two distinct cultures, yet their female protagonists have much in common. Both Catherine Earnshaw and Katniss Everdeen throw off their respective ...
      • Two-Step Conversion of Ethanol to Butadiene 

        Author(s):Al Aradi, Murtada; Beemer, A. J.; Hazard, LeAnne; McFarland, Ben; Thompson, Alex; Al Aradi, Murtada; Beemer, A. J.; Hazard, LeAnne; McFarland, Ben; Thompson, Alex
        Butadiene is an important chemical commonly used in industry to produce rubber. Butadiene is ordinarily synthesized from a process called "steam cracking" which is a process that takes heavy hydrocarbons and breaks them ...
      • Bimanual Coordination Training To Improve Upper Limb Function Post Stroke 

        Author(s):Arey, Ryan; Arey, Ryan
        With stroke being the 4th leading cause of death in the United States and expected to only increase in the near future, the significance of preventative and rehabilitative measures is ever more pressing. While there is a ...
      • Effect of Scavenger Diversity on the Rate of Carrion Decomposition, The 

        Author(s):Ashley, Stephanie; Ashley, Stephanie
        Carrion is a common sight on the landscape in southwestern Wyoming. Its presence can be problematic in the fight to control the spread of disease. One disease of particular concern in the area is Chronic Wasting Disease ...
      • PhatLabs: Music Development Application 

        Author(s):Arambula, Miguel; Harper, Jake; Shea, Reuben; Weingardt, Patrick; Arambula, Miguel; Harper, Jake; Shea, Reuben; Weingardt, Patrick
        The ability to digitally produce music generally requires expensive hardware and software. Software to create digital compositions on mobile platforms can provide more accessibility and provide ease of production while ...
      • Alternative Fluids for Hydraulic Fracturing 

        Author(s):Harders, Martin; Schendzielos, Charles; Warner, Rhett; Woodward, Austin; Harders, Martin; Schendzielos, Charles; Warner, Rhett; Woodward, Austin
        Traditional hydraulic fracturing techniques have come under scrutiny lately for a variety of reasons, and these techniques may be subject to future constrictions and constraints. For this purpose our senior design team is ...
      • Automated Approach to Wellbore Stability Analysis, An 

        Author(s):Guglielmo, Quentyn; Hannum, Hugh; Ogden, Bronson; Pollat, Carson; Guglielmo, Quentyn; Hannum, Hugh; Ogden, Bronson; Pollat, Carson
        In some formations exploratory drilling can be considered high risk. In these situations, in order to determine the probability of developing a useful production well, it can be possible to generate wellbore stability ...
      • Effects of Stimulus Timing on the Kinetics of a Directed Jump Landing, The 

        Author(s):Hinshaw, Taylour; Hinshaw, Taylour
        Introduction: Tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a significant threat to athletes when an unanticipated component is present. The current research investigated the change in injury and performance kinetics ...
      • Modification of PEM Fuel Cell Membranes Using Polydopamine for Durability Enhancement, The 

        Author(s):Martin, Bridger; Martin, Bridger
        Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells utilize hydrogen as energy source, combining with oxygen or air to form water as the only byproduct. This clean energy source has been a very popular research topic because PEM ...
      • Developing and Validating Progress Monitoring Measures 

        Author(s):Koski, Emily; Koski, Emily
        Currently there is a deficit of resources available to adequately monitor the developmental progress of a student's comprehension of expository language. Typically school districts administer benchmark assessments to ...
      • Perceptions of Hearing Classifications Determined by Audiologists 

        Author(s):Lafreniere, Kaitlin; Lafreniere, Kaitlin
        Degree of hearing loss is the extent of a person's inability to hear pure tones in an audiometric evaluation. There are multiple scales to report degree of hearing loss with no standardization. The purpose of the study is ...
      • Quickest Draw in the West: The Media Legacy of Ed Cantrell, The 

        Author(s):Logan, BriAnna; Logan, BriAnna
        In the fall of 1979, Matt Bider, a Rock Springs police detective, recounted his version of a July murder in a courtroom full of reporters. According to his reports, he slid into the rear passenger seat of an unmarked police ...
      • Sexually Dimorphic Variation among the Greater Sciatic Notch 

        Author(s):Kiefer, Lindsay; Kiefer, Lindsay
        The importance of determining sex from skeletonized human remains has become increasingly important with the advancement of the forensic sciences. Current methods used to determine sex from sexually dimorphic traits relies ...
      • Cloning, Expression, Purification and Characterization of Brucella abortus Auto-transporter Genes and Their Products 

        Author(s):Jeffres, Nolan; Jeffres, Nolan
        Brucellosis is an economically important cause of abortions in livestock and wildlife worldwide caused by the facultative intracellular pathogen Brucella abortus. One understudied molecular mechanism of in-vivo survival ...
      • Mazeoline: Biomass to Diesel via Furfural 

        Author(s):Felde-Vassallo, Ryan; Warner, Ross; Callahan, Stephanie; Paustian, Rebecca; Felde-Vassallo, Ryan; Warner, Ross; Callahan, Stephanie; Paustian, Rebecca
        In the past several years, a movement to find a cleaner, more efficient and renewable energy source has become increasingly popular. Oil prices are unstable and rising to a never before seen high. Consumers are becoming ...
      • Personality and association patterns among individuals : two metrics for analyzing the innovation and spread of novel traits in a captive group of common starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) 

        Author(s):Fanelli, Rachel; Fanelli, Rachel
        Knowledge of which individuals are capable of innovative problem solving and how novel traits spread within a group of animals has many implications for understanding how individuals acquire new traits. I analyzed video ...
      • Increasing Synthesis Efficiency of Monometallic Carbides to Near Stoichmetric Ratios 

        Author(s):Clouser, Dale; Clouser, Dale
        Carbides are a combination of metal and carbon atoms that form a solid solution. Early transition metals form a specific type of carbide known as interstitials. They are of interest due to their unique physical properties; ...