• Bullying: A performance piece addressing emotional and verbal abuse between children 

        Author(s):Cooper, Julia; Cooper, Julia
        Bullying is a perpetual struggle for many children and young people, particularly at school. Many schools work to provide information about bullying and its consequences, however this material is often presented in lecture ...
      • Caste War of 1847-1901 

        Author(s):Garcia, Alton; Garcia, Alton
        This project will focus on the Caste War of 1847-1901 in the Yucatán peninsula located in southern Mexico by compiling various primary and secondary sources. It will focus on the militarization of the natives and how the ...
      • BTEXterminator 

        Author(s):Munoz, Christine; Sackett, Cody L.; Kiyai-Bartlett, Juliet; Munoz, Christine; Sackett, Cody L.; Kiyai-Bartlett, Juliet
        Oil and gas operators use millions of barrels of water to drill, complete, and produce wells all around the world. In the United States, there are strict regulations that determine how water that is returned to the surface, ...
      • Mini Systematic Review of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation as a Treatment for Gait and Dysarthria in Parkinson's Disease, A 

        Author(s):Duffee, Kayla; Duffee, Kayla
        This review investigated the efficacy of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (STN DBS) as a treatment for gait and dysarthria in patients with Parkinson's disease. Over two hundred articles were found concerning ...
      • Charlton 30/31 Field Development Project 

        Author(s):Barsotti, Elizabeth; Monroe, Charles Cole; Segrave, James; Turner, Darren; Weigel, Mitch; Barsotti, Elizabeth; Monroe, Charles Cole; Segrave, James; Turner, Darren; Weigel, Mitch
        It is clear from well logs and information available in the literature for the seven wells in the Charlton 30/31 Field that the field is not producing optimally. Located in Otsego County, Michigan, the Charlton 30/31 Field ...
      • Development of Additional Primary Recovery Wells in the Charlton 30/31 Field 

        Author(s):Acheson, Mitchell; Driver, Nathan; Ennis, Jeremiah; Gao, Ce; Stewart, Kole; Acheson, Mitchell; Driver, Nathan; Ennis, Jeremiah; Gao, Ce; Stewart, Kole
        The Charlton 30/31 Field is located in Otsego County, Michigan. In this field, the producing formation is the Niagaran Brown formation (of the North Silurian pinnacle reef trend). Several oil wells have extracted 2.6 million ...
      • Dencity Automata 

        Author(s):Schneider, Matthew; Schneider, Matthew
        The world so large is growing ever so small. Scattered souls are slowly making their way quickly to urban concentrations, establishing residency in whichever fashion possible, thus slums are manifest. As of consequence, ...
      • Chemical EOR Powder River Basin Field Screening 

        Author(s):Pointon, Thomas; Adeniyi, Solomon; Alhajri, Hindi; Almahasheer, Jarah; Wong, Maxwell; Pointon, Thomas; Adeniyi, Solomon; Alhajri, Hindi; Almahasheer, Jarah; Wong, Maxwell
        This project received a large data package from the EORI. We screened through the data to find the top fields best suited for a particular chemical EOR method, and then determined incremental production increases. Finally ...
      • Connecting salt and puberty: the neurokinin B story 

        Author(s):Fuller, Teresa; Fuller, Teresa
        One hundred years ago, the average age for a female living in the US to achieve menarche was between 16 and 17 years old. Today, this figure is below 13 years old. One potential explanation for this trend is increased ...
      • Disaggregation of Catchment Runoff Isotopic Data to Determine Water Source Ratios and Characteristics within the Snowy Mountain Range 

        Author(s):Klebba, Phillips H.; Klebba, Phillips H.
        Traditionally, separation of streamflow into its component parts, i.e. base flow, snow-water, surface water, and rain-water has relied upon mechanical separation of the hydrograph based on base flow amount prior to and ...