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  • Stroke Support Group: An ASPIRE! Mentorship Project in a Rural Setting 

    Author(s):Tracy, Anya; Tracy, Anya
    I began my participation in the ASPRE! mentorship and leadership program in the College of Health Sciences in the spring of 2013, my freshman year of college. During my second year of the program, I decided I wanted to ...
  • Continued Analysis of Freely Propagating Dimethyl Ether Cool Flames 

    Author(s):Staiano, Nick; Staiano, Nick
    The analysis of cool flames is a relatively brand new study to the field of combustion science. Despite their discovery 200 years ago, there is minimal research and information on cool flames. Cool flames have been found ...
  • SAE Baja - Brakes 

    Author(s):Siler, Don; Zollars, Matthew; Siler, Don; Zollars, Matthew
    The 2016 SAE Baja Project consists of multiple design teams, each analyzing and designing various subsections of the Baja vehicle. The purpose of each team is to analyze, design, and manufacture an entire off-road vehicle ...
  • History of the 1848 and 1849 Revolutions in German Speaking Europe: Changing Views Regarding a 'Complete' Historigraphy 

    Author(s):Derner, Aaron; Derner, Aaron
    Despite several historians' claims that the historiography concerning the German Revolutions of 1848 and 1849 is exhaustively (even redundantly) complete, this belief is largely influenced by both the historical dialogue ...
  • Effect of Footwear On Rotational Torques in Country Swing Dance, The 

    Author(s):Perala, Hunter; Perala, Hunter
    The repetitive dancing movements of spinning, sliding, and landing generate cumulative loads to the lower extremity and lead to high injury rates. Rotational loads to the knee can strain the anterior cruciate ligament and ...
  • Relating Bar Formation to Sandy River Channel Width 

    Author(s):Murr, Marissa; Murr, Marissa
    Sandy rivers are complex systems that are not clearly understood but make up a large portion of rivers worldwide. Rivers effect many aspects of infrastructure like the building of bridges and dams. In addition to the impact ...
  • Effect of a Secondary Cognitive Task on Lower Extremity Biomechanics during Landing, The 

    Author(s):Meyer, Elizabeth; Meyer, Elizabeth
    Background: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a cognitive task on jump-landing biomechanics and performance. Methods: 31 recreational athletes participated in the study. Participants jumped forward off ...
  • Zar Spirit Possession: Muslim Women in Ancient and Modern History 

    Author(s):Kasckow, Katherine; Kasckow, Katherine
    Hearing the word "spirit" in western culture leads the reader to associate the word with fictitious thoughts flitting through the human mind due to the western belief that spirits are part of the fabled supernatural and ...
  • Effect of Dietary Sodium Levels on Consumer Appeal, The 

    Author(s):McClung, Kailin; McClung, Kailin
    Literature supports the theory that high dietary salt intake is associated with increased blood pressure and increased risk of cardiovascular disease. However, there is no research that specifically examines the flavor ...
  • Propaganda and the Youth during the Chinese Revolution 

    Author(s):Johnson, Coty; Johnson, Coty
    Chinese youth were greatly influenced by the revolutionary images presented by Mao Zedong during the Chinese Revolution of 1966. My research aims to evaluate the different types of propaganda used by Mao Zedong and his ...
  • Fear or Safety? How the United States Ordnance has Evolved Warfare and Society 

    Author(s):Schmitt, Jade; Schmitt, Jade
    The United States has been in conflict to a degree since its establishment in 1776. During that time there have been numerous developments in weapons, technology, and intelligence all aimed at maintaining a power advantage ...
  • Reactions of Atomic Hydrogen with Isotopes of Nitric Oxide in Solid Parahydrogen 

    Author(s):Hurley, Manford; Hurley, Manford
    Cold chemistry is becoming a hot area of research as a way to test fundamental principles about chemical reactions governed by quantum mechanics. Typically chemists think of molecules with ball and stick models, but at ...
  • Effects of Exercise on Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, The 

    Author(s):Hungerford, Kayla; Hungerford, Kayla
    Diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 is slowly rising in the United States, with poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles increase the number of incidences. Medications are used to treat individual symptoms of diabetes. ...
  • Removing Harmonic Noise from Geophysical Surface Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements 

    Author(s):Hein, Annette; Hein, Annette
    Surface nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a unique geophysical method due to its direct sensitivity to water. An NMR measurement produces a sounding that shows volumetric water content as a function of depth, which is ...
  • Senior Design in Environmental Engineering 

    Author(s):Gilrein, Erica; Gilrein, Erica
    A wastewater treatment plant in Parker, Colorado has reached 75% of its design capacity and flow to the plant is growing rapidly. As required by Colorado law, the treatment plant must begin planning to expand its facility. ...
  • Para-Xylene Derived from Biorenewable Feedstock 

    Author(s):Duncan, William; Keller, Wyatt; Weber, Rachael; Witters, Zachary; Duncan, William; Keller, Wyatt; Weber, Rachael; Witters, Zachary
    Para-xylene is an organic chemical which has been historically produced in the petroleum industry. It is has several uses in the chemical industry, but is most prominently used as a feedstock to make terephthalic acid, ...
  • Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) on the Neural Development of the Xenopus laevis Tadpole, The 

    Author(s):Merlino, Mark; Donnelly, Katelynne; Merlino, Mark; Donnelly, Katelynne
    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a component in plastics that has been a growing concern since the middle of the 1990's when it was discovered to be an endocrine disruptor. More recent work suggests it could also affect the nervous ...
  • Small Vehicle Dynamometer 

    Author(s):Crone, Sam; Orr, Brad; Williamson, Logan; Crone, Sam; Orr, Brad; Williamson, Logan
    A dynamometer serves to measure power and torque. In our case, these measurements will be taken at the wheels of the SAE Baja vehicle. This gives the University of Wyoming Baja Racing Team a way to quantify their vehicle's ...
  • MAX Phase Metal Carbides 

    Author(s):Kasprisin, Sean; Kasprisin, Sean
    MAX Phase metal carbides are metal carbides with an additional element such as Aluminum or Silicon. The structure of MAX Phase metal carbides is similar to that of graphene with a layered structure of the metal carbide and ...
  • Synthesis of New Nickel Catalyst for use in Polymerization Reactions 

    Author(s):Hurlock, Matthew; Hurlock, Matthew
    It is undeniable the effect that plastics have had on the world and polymerization reactions make this all possible. Polymerization reactions are some of the most useful reactions conducted today. A polymerization reaction ...

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