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  • Magic Use in Roman Sexuality 

    Author(s):Chenchar, Anne Margaret; Chenchar, Anne Margaret
    The Roman civilization was incredibly dynamic as it grew and accepted new citizens over the years of its rule. Through the diversity of the culture Romans integrated superstition, and magic use into their society. Roman ...
  • Limiting Effect of Cytoplasmic Volume and Microtubule Dynamics, The 

    Author(s):Zumo, Jacob; Zumo, Jacob
    Mitotic spindles play a key role in cellular division. These structures, which are composed of dynamic filaments called microtubules, are responsible for separation and segregation of chromosomes during mitosis. Spindles ...
  • Assessing the Occurrence of Microplastics in the Snake River 

    Author(s):Yeatman, Ellen; Yeatman, Ellen
    Over the past 40 years, world production of plastic resins increased 25-fold creating a global waste stream comprised of 60-80% plastics. Microplastics, plastic particles less than 5mm in size, are receiving increased ...
  • History of Women in Agriculture 

    Author(s):Hanson, Eilish; Hanson, Eilish
    The number of women as key farming operators rose from 28 percent to nearly 60 percent from 1940 through the mid-1990s. (Blau, Ferber, & Winkler, 2014, p. 27) as men were sent to war during WWII (Adams, 1997, p.5). At the ...
  • Wireless Lighting Control System 

    Author(s):Nickell, Chris; Alley, Trevor; Nickell, Chris; Alley, Trevor
    The use of wireless systems has become more and more mainstream as of the start of the 21st century. These products have continually decreased in price, and have seen an increase in popularity for a variety of markets. ...
  • With Wyoming in Mind: Wyoming Writes Its Own Narrative 

    Author(s):Julian, Tyler; Julian, Tyler
    This two-part project examines modern writing in Wyoming, from fictional narratives to poetry, as a framework for my own original poetry. By analyzing the primary source accounts left by writers, their own work, and peer ...
  • From Source to the Photosynthetic Fringe: The Downstream Geochemistry of Yellowstone National Park's Hydrothermal System 

    Author(s):Wiswell, Samuel; Wiswell, Samuel
    Hydrothermal features provide a unique and extreme environment that can act as a proxy for studying both past earth environments and similar environments of interest that exist throughout the universe today. Yellowstone ...
  • Quantitative Rating System for Imagery Acquired with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

    Author(s):Wirsching, Elizabeth; Wirsching, Elizabeth
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly used for acquiring aerial images due to their flexibility, low operational cost, and perceived ease of use in comparison to manned aircrafts. However, UAVs can be subjected ...
  • How Clinicians Report Discussing Self-Monitoring with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients 

    Author(s):Wilkinson, Christina; Wilkinson, Christina
    Patient self-monitoring is critical to diabetes self-management. With no detailed approach to discussing self-monitoring by the American Diabetes Association we examined how clinicians report discussing self-monitoring ...
  • 3D World for Reddit 

    Author(s):Cook, Matthew; Seidel, Kay; Whitman, Caleb; Cook, Matthew; Seidel, Kay; Whitman, Caleb
    Reddit describes itself as "the front page of the Internet." It is a popular website that aims to help connect people and discover new things. Anybody can join this website, or anonymously browse its more than one million ...
  • Plan for a Long Term Investigation of Human Exposure to West Nile Virus in Fremont County, Wyoming, A 

    Author(s):Watkins, Joy; Schilling, Kaylan; Kinyatta, Kelvin; Hosking, Grant; Conner, Adam; Barlow, Shanda; Watkins, Joy; Schilling, Kaylan; Kinyatta, Kelvin; Hosking, Grant; Conner, Adam; Barlow, Shanda
    West Nile Virus (WNV) was originally discovered in Uganda in 1937. WNV belongs to the Flaviviridae family and is in the same genus as Dengue Fever, Zika virus, and Yellow Fever. Flaviviruses are persistently emerging and ...
  • Assessment of Cardiac Function in Mice Chronically Exposed to Volatile Organic Compounds 

    Author(s):O'Neal, Jessica; Ahuja, Hanna; Rodrigues, Gabriel; Sabat, Benjamin; O'Neal, Jessica; Ahuja, Hanna; Rodrigues, Gabriel; Sabat, Benjamin
    Atmospheric air pollutants, including Volatile Organic Compounds such as acrolein and polyvinyl chloride (VOC), have been linked to increased cardiovascular and metabolic dysfunction. This is of particular interest in ...
  • MouseVision 

    Author(s):Fagley, Cody; Gradecki, Mark; Horner, Wyatt; Firnekas, Shane; Fagley, Cody; Gradecki, Mark; Horner, Wyatt; Firnekas, Shane
    MouseVision is a project that combines optical tracking and speech recognition software to create a mouse that does not rely on the use of arms and legs. It utilizes the openCV API to find an initial point to track and ...
  • Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Thiol-ene Polymers and Thiol-acrylate Liquid Crystal Elastomers 

    Author(s):Patel, Viren; Patel, Viren
    This study's purpose was to synthesize and program thiol-acrylate and thiol-ene based polymeric materials. A Michael addition of dithiol and tetrathiol monomers with a diacrylate mesogen is the single crosslinking mechanism ...
  • Likelihood of Bystander Intervention as a Function of a Social Norms 

    Author(s):Hatten, Shelby; Hatten, Shelby
    Bystander intervention is the decision of a third party to take action in a perceived, ongoing, or completed sexual assault to assist the victim. The primary goal of bystander intervention is to prevent sexual victimization ...
  • Quantifying the Impact of Population Size on Natural Selection Across the Genome 

    Author(s):Baker, Lucas D.; Baker, Lucas D.
    In a world of rapid anthropogenic change understanding factors influencing the pace with which a population can respond to natural selection has become a necessity for conservation. Often when considering risk of extinction ...
  • Attitudes Towards Autism in Healthcare and in Society 

    Author(s):Peters, Madeline; Peters, Madeline
    Autism did not appear as its own diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) until the third edition in 1980 (Davis, pg 461). In 2014, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that autism ...
  • TRPV1 Activation Counters Vascular Dysfunction by Increasing PPARs, SiRT-1, PGC-1α and UCP-1 Expression in the Thoracic Aorta 

    Author(s):Schilling, Kaylan; Markret, Laurel; Watkins, Joy; Kinyatta, Kelvin; Schilling, Kaylan; Markret, Laurel; Watkins, Joy; Kinyatta, Kelvin
    Obesity foreshadows metabolic diseases. The imbalance between energy intake and expenditure leads to increased visceral fat accumulation, causing obesity. Vascular dysfunction associated obesity causes hypertension and ...
  • Associations Between Perceived Physical Safety, Disengagement, and Trust in a Cohabiting Relationship 

    Author(s):Formo, Garrett; Formo, Garrett
    Physical violence in cohabiting relationships is prevalent and is associated with mental and physical health problems. Indeed, domestic violence accounts for 15% of all violent crime committed in the United States (NCADV ...
  • Parallel genetic pathways contribute to epidermal structure and resistance of biomechanical force during C. elegans development 

    Author(s):Esposito, Kyla; Esposito, Kyla
    During development, biomechanical forces shape the embryo from an oval to an elongated cylindrical form. FBN-1 is a C. elegans zona pellucida domain protein that is synthesized and transported to the outside of the worm ...

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