The AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park, home of the University of Wyoming-National Park Service Research Center, comprises a collection of early-to-mid 20th century log buildings and surrounding landscape features. The site architecturally reflects the Rocky Mountain Rustic style and captures local history as a place of initial settlement and later recreational use.

The AMK Ranch is situated within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park. The ranch, a 143-acre peninsula, is bordered by Jackson Lake to the west and Sargents Bay to the east. The property includes seventeen structures, as well as memorials, graves, shooting ranges, docks, and other landscape features. In this respect the property’s history and features range from its early homestead use (1890) to its later vacation era occupation (post 1926), giving it specific historic significance for the period of 1890-1955.

Recent Submissions

  • A tale of dough gods, bear grease, cantaloupe, and sucker oil 

    Author(s):Diem, Kenneth Lee; Diem, Lenore L.; Lawrence, William C.; Diem, Kenneth Lee; Diem, Lenore L.; Lawrence, William C.; National Park Service Research Center
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    Author(s):Humstone, Mary; Humstone, Mary
    This file includes two documents pertaining to the AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. The primary document is the property's updated National Register of Historic Places nomination form (2005). The second document, a ...
  • Preservation Treatment Guide for the AMK Ranch 

    Author(s):Humstone, Mary; Anderson, Carly-Ann; Humstone, Mary; Anderson, Carly-Ann
    This document provides guidance for the care and maintenance of the buildings on the AMK Ranch. The Preservation Treatment Guide includes background on the history and significance of the site, individual building assessments ...