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      • A Marimba Solo Composition and Performance by a Geohydrologist - A Reflection 

        Author(s):Camille, Natalie
        Music is a large part of most people’s lives, even if it is just road trip music or the school bell. Despite this, not many people dedicate their lives to creating music. As a geohydrologist, science comes much more easily ...
      • Differences of turgor loss point and leaf dry matter content across grassland forbs 

        Author(s):Somlyay, Evana
        Leaf turgor loss point (TLP) has been proposed to be a key indicator of drought resistance in plants. Many terrestrial landscapes are facing increased stress with the increase in intensity and duration of drought due to ...
      • The Next War: Russian Asymmetric Warfare and what it means for the wars of tomorrow 

        Author(s):Carcelli, Bison
        With the Global War on Terror beginning to wind down, United States troops are beginning to hand off military responsibilities to many of our allies in the Middle East. As these soldiers return home, they must continue ...
      • Assessing the State of Social Justice at the University of Wyoming 

        Author(s):Mulhall, Alexandra, L.
        As the world grows increasingly more diverse and access to higher education is expanded, the role of higher institutions in addressing social issues is rising to the forefront. The University of Wyoming has taken direct ...
      • Validation of a Novel Molecular Assay for Swine Brucellosis 

        Author(s):Soehn, Meagan
        Brucellosis is a zoonotic bacteria caused disease that has around half a million new cases each year worldwide. Sixteen known species in the genus Brucella have been characterized to cause this disease in specific host ...
      • SarahJean O’Neill Debut Benefit Art Showcase 

        Author(s):O'Neill, SarahJean
        Many non-profit organizations rely partially on donations to fund certain programs. Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization with a Laramie location, is no different. 90% of money donated to BBBS goes toward supporting ...
      • VR Coding Concepts 

        Author(s):Horwitz, Erik
        Coding has become more ubiquitous in all aspects of modern education, people regardless of age or major are being introduced to coding and everyone starts in the same spot: basic coding concepts. Learning how to code is ...
      • Revolutionary Desire: Nonsense in Language and Literature 

        Author(s):Henkle, Alexander
        Nonsense is important to the construction of language. Without it, we couldn’t even speak and hope to represent anything we actually wish to say. The structure of metaphor relies on the connections of largely disparate ...
      • Preliminary geologic map of the South Baxter quadrangle, Sweetwater County, Wyoming 

        Author(s):Webber, P. M.; Martin, T. I.; Pisel, J. R.; Hoppes, K. L.; Wyoming State Geological Survey
        The South Baxter 7.5-minute quadrangle is located in southwestern Wyoming on the southeastern flank of the Rock Springs Uplift. The Rock Springs Uplift exposes Upper Cretaceous rocks at its center and progressively younger ...
      • Preliminary geologic map of the Lion Bluffs quadrangle, Sweetwater County, Wyoming 

        Author(s):Kehoe, K. S.; Hoppes, K. L.; Webber, P. M.; Wyoming State Geological Survey
        The Lion Bluffs 7.5-minute quadrangle is located in southwestern Wyoming in the south-central part of the Rock Springs Uplift. The axis of the Rock Springs Uplift trends north–south through the western edge of the quadrangle, ...
      • Preliminary geologic map of the Earnest Butte quadrangle, Sweetwater County, Wyoming 

        Author(s):Lynds, R. M.; Webber, P. M.; Kraugh, N. A.; Martin, T. I.; Hoppes, K. L.; Taboga, K. G.; Wyoming State Geological Survey
        The Earnest Butte 7.5-minute quadrangle is located in southwestern Wyoming on the southwestern flank of the Rock Springs Uplift. The Rock Springs Uplift exposes Upper Cretaceous rocks at its center and progressively younger ...
      • Wilderness and Collaboration: An Analysis of Collaborative Processes Initiating Wilderness Designation 

        Author(s):Winnop, Catherine
        Wilderness areas have historically been complex issues, gaining the name of a “wicked problem” since their establishment in 1964. Collaboration has been identified as an efficient process to solving “wicked problems” and ...
      • Lunar Rover Convertible Mobility System 

        Author(s):Threewitt, Miranda; Lichtenfels, Margaret; Martin, Hali; Hunter, Zach; Smith, Craig
        The Lunar Rover Convertible Mobility System (LRCMS) is a convertible chassis designed to be used for lunar missions into permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) of the moon, primarily consisting of steep lunar craters. This ...
      • Sexual Assault Victimization, Perpetration, and Associated Beliefs Among High-Risk Groups On College Campuses 

        Author(s):Alzalde, Andrea
        Sexual assault is a pervasive problem that poses a perpetual threat towards those who occupy college campuses, particularly towards the female student population. Past research has helped to reveal the occurrence of high ...
      • Schizophrenia: Current Hypotheses, Treatments, and Future Directions 

        Author(s):Aadland, Jake
        Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that predominantly manifests in men during their early 20s, a few years later in women, and affects one percent of the world population. The disorder is characterized by the ...
      • Separately Together: A dance film connecting artists from across the country 

        Author(s):Murphy, Nina
        Life can change in an instant and great artists know that the best way to move forward is to adapt. The original direction for this project, Antrieb (German, translated as ‘drive’), was a 12-member cast consisting of four ...
      • Measuring Faculty Use of the Learning Management System in the First Semester of Availability 

        Author(s):Brown-Herbst, Kari
        The purpose of this project is to quantify the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) by faculty teaching online at a rural community college in the western United States. The LMS is ubiquitous in higher education, in ...
      • "The Effect of Theatre Lighting on a Dancer's Balance" 

        Author(s):Guthrie, Hannah
        Success of a dance production lies in a dancer’s ability to be otherworldly, show complicated physical movement effortlessly, and to take the audience on a journey. Beyond the physical requirements and demands of dance, ...
      • Offline Learning 

        Author(s):Balogun Mohammed, Nana Aishat
        Many citizens of developing countries cannot access online learning due to various structural and economic barriers. Because current models of online education such as Udacity and Khan Academy require high internet bandwidth ...
      • Cell Free Fetal DNA in Non-Invasive Prenatal Molecular Screening 

        Author(s):Henry, Christopher K.
        Prenatal genetic diagnostic testing methods are commonly used for high-risk pregnancies in order to gain information about the embryo or fetus. There are many different technologies that can be used for prenatal testing, ...