• Ice Initiation by Aerosol Particles : Measured and Predicted Ice Nuclei Concentrations Versus Measured Ice Crystal Concentrations in an Orographic Wave Cloud 

        Author(s):Eidhammer, T.; DeMott, P. J.; Prenni, A. J.; Petters, M. D.; Twohy, C. H.; Rogers, D. C.; Stith, J.; Heymsfield, A.; Wang, Z.; Pratt, K. A.; Prather, K. A.; Murphy, Shane; Seinfeld, J. H.; Subramanian, R.; Kreidenweis, S. M.
        The initiation of ice in an isolated orographic wave cloud was compared with expectations based on ice nucleating aerosol concentrations and with predictions from new ice nucleation parameterizations applied in a cloud ...
      • Relationships of Biomass-Burning Aerosols to Ice in Orographic Wave Clouds 

        Author(s):Twohy, C. H.; DeMott, P. J.; Pratt, K. A.; Subramanian, R.; Kok, G. L.; Murphy, Shane; Lersch, T.; Heymsfield, A. J.; Wang, Zhien; Prather, K. A.; Seinfeld, J. H.
        Ice concentrations in orographic wave clouds at temperatures between -24° and -29°C were shown to be related to aerosol characteristics in nearby clear air during five research flights over the Rocky Mountains. When clouds ...
      • Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign : The Impact of Arctic Aerosols on Clouds 

        Author(s):McFarquhar, G. M.; Ghan, S.; Verlinde, J.; Korolev, A.; Strapp, J. W.; Schmid, B.; Tomlinson, J. M.; Wolde, M.; Brooks, S. D.; Cziczo, D.; Dubey, M. K.; Fan, J.; Flynn, C.; Gultepe, I.; Hubbe, J.; Gilles, M. K.; Laskin, A.; Lawson, P.; Leaitch, W. R.; Liu, P.; Liu, Xiaohong; Lubin, D.; Mazzoleni, C.; MacDonald, A.-M.; Moffet, R. C.; Morrison, H.; Ovchinnikov, M.; Shupe, M. D.; Turner, D. D.; Xie, S.; Zelenyuk, A.; Bae, K.; Freer, M.; Glen, A.
        An overview of Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC), aimed to study the impact of Arctic aerosol on clouds, is provided. The general theme of the campaign was to provide detailed observations of aerosols and ...
      • Resurgence in Ice Nuclei Measurement Research 

        Author(s):De Mott, P. J.; Möhler, O.; Stetzer, O.; Vali, Gabor; Vali, G.; Levin, Z.; Petters, M. D.; Murakami, M.; Leisner, T.; Bundke, U.; Klein, H.; Kanji, Z. A.; Cotton, R.; Jones, Hazel; Benz, S.; Brinkmann, M.; Rzesanke, D.; Saathoff, H.; Nicolet, M.; Saito, A.; Nillius, B.; Bingemer, H.; Abbatt, J.; Ardon, K.; Ganor, E.; Georgakopoulos, D. G.; Saunders, C.
        The accuracy and precision of current ice nuclei (IN) instruments is reported and progress made toward addressing apparent shortfalls in past ice nuclei measurements is studied. Most new IN instruments can measure at ...
      • Climate Impacts of Ice Nucleation 

        Author(s):Gettelman, A.; Liu, Xiaohong; Barahona, D.; Lohmann, U.; Chen, C.
        Several different ice nucleation parameterizations in two different General Circulation Models (GCMs) are used to understand the effects of ice nucleation on the mean climate state, and the Aerosol Indirect Effects (AIE) ...
      • Quantifying the Impact of Dust on Heterogeneous Ice Generation in Midlevel Supercooled Stratiform Clouds 

        Author(s):Zhang, Damao; Wang, Zhien; Heymsfield, Andrew; Fan, Jiwen; Liu, Dong; Zhao, Ming
        Dust aerosols have been regarded as effective ice nuclei (IN), but large uncertainties regarding their efficiencies remain. Here, four years of collocated CALIPSO and CloudSat measurements are used to quantify the impact ...