• Introduction to the SCOUT-AMMA Stratospheric Aircraft, Balloons and Sondes Campaign in West Africa, August 2006 : Rationale and Roadmap, An 

        Author(s):Cairo, F.; Pommereau, J. P.; Law, K. S.; Schlager, H.; Garnier, A.; Fierli, F.; Ern, M.; Streibel, M.; Arabas, S.; Borrmann, S.; Berthelier, J. J.; Blom, C.; Christensen, T.; D'Amato, F.; Di Donfrancesco, G.; Deshler, Terry; Diedhiou, A.; Durry, G.; Engelsen, O.; Goutail, F.; Harris, N. R. P.; Kerstel, E. R. T.; Khaykin, S.; Konopka, P.; Kylling, A.; Larsen, N.; Lebel, T.; Liu, X.; MacKenzie, A. R.; Nielsen, J.; Oulanowski, A.; Parker, D. J.; Pelon, J.; Polcher, J.; Pyle, J. A.; Ravegnani, F.; Riviere, E. D.; Robinson, A. D.; Rockmann, T.; Schiller, C.; Simoes, E.; Stefanutti, L.; Stroh, F.; Some, L.; Siegmund, P.; Sitnikov, N.; Vernier, J. P.; Volk, C. M.; Voigt, C.; von Hobe, M.; Viciani, S.; Yushkov, V.
        A multi-platform field measurement campaign involving aircraft and balloons took place over West Africa between 26 July and 25 August 2006, in the frame of the concomitant AMMA Special Observing Period and SCOUT-O3 African ...
      • Aerosols in the Tropical and Subtropical UT/LS : In-Situ Measurements of Submicron Particle Abundance and Volatility 

        Author(s):Borrmann, S.; Kunkel, D.; Weigel, R.; Minikin, A.; Deshler, Terry; Wilson, J. C.; Curtius, J.; Volk, C. M.; Homan, C. D.; Ulanovsky, A.; Ravegnani, F.; Viciani, S.; Shur, G. N.; Belyaev, G. V.; Law, K. S.; Cairo, F.
        Processes occurring in the tropical upper troposphere (UT), the Tropical Transition Layer (TTL), and the lower stratosphere (LS) are of importance for the global climate, for stratospheric dynamics and air chemistry, and ...