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        Pacific coast diamonds—An unconventional source terrane [1]
        Paint Pots at the "Thumb," Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Park, U.S.A. [1]
        Paint Pots at Yellowstone Lake. [2]
        Paleocene and lower Eocene rocks in the Sand Creek—No Water Creek area, Washakie County, Wyoming [1]
        Paleontology of the Green River Formation, with a review of the fish fauna (2d ed.) [1]
        Paleoproterozoic Granite or Mesoproterozoic Batholith? : Petrographic and Geochronologic Study of the Albany Granite of the Medicine Bow Mountains, Southeastern WY [1]
        Palmer Canyon talc [1]
        Panel 1 : "Remembering Pearl Harbor? : An Analysis of Media Portrayal of the Pearl Harbor Attack from 1941 to 1946" [1]
        Panel 1 : "What's in a Name? Oliver Cromwell and Kingship" [1]
        Panel 10 : "Complex Social Memory : Revolving Social Roles in Holodomor Survivor Testimony, 1986-1988" [1]
        Panel 10 : "Cultural Genocide in Postcolonial India" [1]
        Panel 10 : "Intentions and Interests : Human Rights, Sovereignty, and the Syrian Civil War" [1]
        Panel 11 : "Early 20th century postcard industry and the standard practice of using tourism to control and burry urban blight" [1]
        Panel 11 : "Taking the University to the People : 100 Years of the Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Wyoming" [1]
        Panel 11 : "Women Naturalists in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Creation of the Modern National Park Service" [1]
        Panel 12 : "Ayatollah Khomeini and the New Government of the 1979 Iranian Revolution" [1]
        Panel 13 : "Performing the Porfiriato : Urban State Festivals in Nineteenth Century Mexico City" [1]
        Panel 13 : "Pursuing the Prosperity of the People : The 1899 Census and the Uplift of Puerto Rico's Workers and Peasants" [1]
        Panel 14 : "Locke, Hobbs and the Glorious Revolution : the Social Contract" [1]
        Panel 14 : "The Jesuit in the Mirror : An Analysis of Father Paul le Jeune's Jesuit Relations" [1]