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        I'd Strike the Son if He Insulted Me: Milton's and Melville's Flawed Revolutionaries [1]
        Ibuprofen Transdermal Patch [2]
        ICCE: The Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition and Black Carbon Analysis from the Dinwoody Glacier [1]
        Ice Concentration Retrieval in Stratiform Mixed-Phase Clouds Using Cloud Radar Reflectivity Measurements and 1-D Ice-Growth Model Simulations [1]
        Ice in Clouds Experiment -- Layer Clouds, Part I. Ice Growth Rates Derived from Lenticular Wave Cloud Penetrations [1]
        Ice Initiation by Aerosol Particles: Measured and Predicted Ice Nuclei Concentrations Versus Measured Ice Crystal Concentrations in an Orographic Wave Cloud [1]
        Ice Nucleation Measurement and Parameterizations and the Broad Impact of Associated Ocean and Atmospheric Interactions Within the Global Climate [1]
        Idaho and the Development of the J.C. Penney Chain [1]
        Identification of ESRE regulatory molecules [1]
        Identifying and Evaluating Strategies for Teaching Measurement According to Student Conceptual Development [2]
        Identifying Native Wyoming Plant Species for Uptake and Retention of Uranium from a Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act Site (UMTRCA) in Riverton, Wyoming [1]
        Illustrated geologic history of the Medicine Bow Mountains and adjacent areas, Wyoming [1]
        Image and Physiological Data: Biophysically Informed Imaging Acquisition of Plant Water Status [1]
        Imaging the Body with Text: Jenny Saville, Marking Transformations and Progressions in Modern Art [1]
        Imaging Yellowstone Plume-Lithosphere Interactions from Inversion of Ballistic and Diffusive Rayleigh Wave Dispersion and Crustal Thickness Data [1]
        Immense magma reservoir discovered beneath Yellowstone extending well beyond its caldera [1]
        Immigration: Social Inhibitors Impact on the Increasing Rates of Crime Amongst Latino Populations [1]
        Immortalization of Bovine Dendritic Cell Clones for use in Brucella Immunology Research [1]
        Impact of diet reduction in obese ewes during early pregnancy on placentomal type and cotyledonary vascularity in the ewe [1]
        Impact of Ground-Based Glaciogenic Seeding on Orographic Clouds and Precipitation: A Multisensor Case Study, The [1]