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        D102 geophysical and core data [1]
        Dacite Formation at Ilopango Caldera, El Salvador : U-Series Disequilibrium and Implications for Petrogenetic Processes and Magma Storage Time [1]
        Daily to Decadal Patterns of Precipitation, Humidity, and Photosynthetic Physiology Recorded in the Spines of the Columnar Cactus, Carnegiea Gigantea [1]
        Dale Creek Bridge, near Sherman. [1]
        Dale Creek Bridge. [3]
        Dangerous Memory : Contrasting Public and Private Memories of the Rwandan Genocide Using Hutus in the United States [1]
        Dark Green Day Dress [1]
        Data Analysis in Middle School Students: What is the current performance level? [1]
        Data Destruction Machine [1]
        Data for paper "Validation of finite water‐content vadose zone dynamics method using column experiments with a moving water table and applied surface flux" [1]
        Data for ‘Climate warming alters photosynthetic responses to elevated [CO2] in prairie plants’ [1]
        Data from "Measuring snow water equivalent from common offset GPR records through migration velocity analysis." [1]
        Data Release of Reprocessed Select National Uranium Resources Evaluation Program Samples in Wyoming [1]
        Data Set for Curiosity Search: Producing Generalists by Encouraging Individuals to Continually Explore and Acquire Skills Throughout Their Lifetime [1]
        Data Set for the paper "Diffusion-based neuromodulation can eliminate catastrophic forgetting in simple neural networks" [1]
        Data used in the publication "Revisiting the differential freezing nucleus spectra derived from drop freezing experiments; methods of calculation, applications and confidence limits” [1]
        Dead In Their Tracks? : Best Practice For Precautions Against MDROs [1]
        Deaf Education in Africa and America [1]
        Decade Later : Comparing Knowledge of Testing and Assessing HIV Awareness of University of Wyoming Students, A [1]
        Decorative stones of southern Wyoming [1]