Recent Submissions

  • Plywood dory 

    Author(s):Walker, Preston
    Plywood and oak construction dory style boat, 14 feet 8 inches, 5 foot 2 inch beam, 3 1/2 foot decked section at bow and stern, virtually waterproof, weight 275 - 300 lbs., with 8 foot oars.
  • Norman Nevills in a Dory 

    Author(s):Walker, Preston
    NORMAN NEVILLS - In Dory on the Salmon River
  • Norman Nevills 

    Author(s):Walker, Preston
    NORMAN NEVILLS - Leader of the Grand Canyon Expedition of 1947
  • Hudson Expedition 

    Author(s):Walker, Preston
    The June 1949 Hudson Expedition from Lee's Ferry to Pierce's Ferry in 4 1/2 days. The Esmeralda II the first powerboat thru the Grand Canyon
  • 1952 Davis Expedition, The 

    Author(s):Walker, Preston
    The 1952 Davis Expedition of 800 miles down the Green and Colorado rivers, from the Flaming Gorge to Bright Angel Creek, unintentionally set the following records: The fastest time ever made to Lee's Ferry, Twenty days. ...