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        1980 United States Department of Energy: Grand Junction Office [1]
        1993 annual status report [1]
        Acid leach resin-in-pulp pilot plant testing of Monticello Blend ore [1]
        Additional drilling on the Upper group and on the Ellison and Burro claims, San Miguel County, Colo. [1]
        Additional extraction and ion exchange studies of Temple Mountain ores [1]
        Aerial radiometric survey Long Park and Club Mesa areas, Montrose County, Colorado [1]
        Airborne radioactivity survey of part of the Navajo Indian Reservation of Utah and Arizona [1]
        Airborne radiometric survey, Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation, New Mexico [1]
        Airborne radiometric surveys of Moki Canyon, Rincon, Noki Dome, Red House Cliffs, and Comb Ridge San Juan County, Utah and Apache and Navajo counties, Arizona [1]
        Alkaline leach - filtration pilot plant testing of Monticello Blend of high lime ores [1]
        Alkaline Leach Resin-in-Pulp Pilot Plant testing of Monument Valley ore [1]
        Amended geologic and assay log for Georgetown (GT) drill hole 54 [1]
        ANNUAL REPORT FOR JULY 1, 1952 TO MARCH 31, 1953 [1]
        ANNUAL REPORT FOR JULY 1, 1952 TO MARCH 31, 1953, Part 1 [1]
        Annual report for June 30, 1952 to April 1, 1953 [1]
        Annual report: April 1, 1953 to March 31, 1954 [1]
        Annual status report on the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project [1]
        Application of the dithizone heavy metals test to uranium from the Chinle Formation, Arizona [1]
        Application of the electrolytic uranium recovery process to limestone ore from Grants, New Mexico, The [1]
        Appraisal of the geophysical activities of the Atomic Energy Commission Division of Raw Materials: April, May, June 1957, An [1]