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        3-D seismic characterization of the Niobrara Formation, Silo field, Laramie County, Wyoming [1]
        3D radio reflection imaging of asteroid interiors [1]
        Acoustic monitoring of hydraulic stimulation in granites [1]
        Active robust control of wind turbines [1]
        Adsorption characteristics of polymer electrolyte membrane chemical degradation products and their impact on oxygen reduction reaction activity for platinum catalysts [1]
        Advanced characterization techniques in understanding the roles of nickel in enhancing strength and toughness of submerged arc welding high strength low alloy steel multiple pass welds in the as-welded condition [1]
        Alternative forming fluids for TRISO fuel kernel production [1]
        Alternatives to organic acid surface modification of ZnO for excitonic photovoltaics [1]
        Amplitude inversion of fast and slow converted waves for fracture characterization of the Montney Formation in Pouce Coupe field, Alberta, Canada [1]
        Analysis of diesel particulate matter using electron monochromator-mass spectrometry, bacterial identification using mass spectrometry and lateral flow immunochromatography, and detection of levamisole as a cutting agent in patients using cocaine [1]
        Analytical methods for characterizing oil and gas development and production waste streams: a critical review and collaborative inter-laboratory comparison [1]
        Applications of temperature modeling and distributed temperature sensing (DTS) in hydraulic fracture stimulation diagnostics [1]
        Approach to beneficiation of spent lithium-ion batteries for recovery of materials, An [1]
        As-cast uranium-molybdenum based metallic fuel candidates and the effects of carbon addition [1]
        Aspects of time-lapse electrical resistivity monitoring in geotechnical and reservoir problems [1]
        Automatic multicomponent image registration [1]
        Automatic simultaneous multiple-well ties [1]
        Benders decomposition: an integer-programming extension with further computational enhancements [1]
        Beneficiation of plasma display panels [1]
        Biologically active filtration for treatment of produced water and fracturing flowback wastewater in the O&G industry [1]