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        9C-3D seismic interpretation of the Bakken Formation, Banner field, North Dakota [1]
        Advanced ICP-MS methods for examining the stability of silver nanoparticles in natural waters [1]
        Advanced platform for development and evaluation of grid interconnection systems using hardware-in-the-loop, An [1]
        Advanced three-dimensional analysis of concrete structures using nonlinear truss models [1]
        Aeromagnetic signature of the geology and mineral resources near the Pebble porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposit, southwest Alaska [1]
        Aging effects on the fatigue performance of deep rolled bar steels [1]
        Algorithms and analysis for simulation of deterministic and stochastic Ginzburg-Landau models [1]
        Aluminium nitride piezoelectric thin films reactively deposited in closed field unbalanced magnetron sputtering for elevated temperature 'smart' tribological applications [1]
        Analysis and correlation of growth strata of the Cretaceous to Paleocene Lower Dawson Formation: insight into the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Colorado Front Range [1]
        Analysis and design of a smart-inverter for renewable energy interconnection to the grid [1]
        Analysis and suppression of passive noise in surface microseismic data [1]
        Analysis of engineered nanomaterials in the environment [1]
        Analysis of global debris-flow fatalities and related socioeconomic factors from 1950 to 2011, An [1]
        Analysis of intelligent compaction field data on layered soil [1]
        Analysis of low transformation temperature welding (LTTW) consumables: distortion control and evolution of residual stresses [1]
        Analysis of salt-sediment interaction associated with steep diapirs and allochthonous salt: Flinders and Willouran ranges, South Australia, and the deepwater northern Gulf of Mexico [1]
        Analysis of the repeatability of time-lapse 3D VSP multicomponent surveys, Delhi field [1]
        Analytical solutions for multiple-matrix in fractured reservoirs: application to conventional and unconventional reservoirs [1]
        Anthropomorphic adaptation of a mechanically-variable, near-infinite range-of-stiffness mechanism [1]
        Arsenic removal from enargite with sodium carbonate using complete and partial oxidized roasting [1]