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        3D multicomponent seismic characterization of a clastic reservoir in the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin, Colombia [1]
        Anisotropic velocity analysis of P-wave reflection and borehole data [1]
        Application of simulated annealing inversion to automated model calibration for residential building energy simulation [1]
        Associating biophysical and thermodynamic changes induced by xenon to the general anesthetic effect [1]
        Beam characterization at the neutron radiography reactor [1]
        Bioplastic blends incorporating polyamide-11 [1]
        Building a better wind forecast: a stochastic forecast system using a fully-coupled hydrologic-atmospheric model [1]
        Buried penny-shaped cracks [1]
        Characterization of organosilane-modified silicon/silicon dioxide systems for biological and nanotechnology applications [1]
        Comparison of Raman LIDAR signal estimation and smoothing methods and correlation between the Pierre Auger side scattering method for determining aerosol content in the troposphere, A [1]
        Compressive system identification (CSI): theory and applications of exploiting sparsity in the analysis of high-dimensional dynamical systems [1]
        Computational study on the thermal conductivity degradation of annealed and irradiated U-Mo/Al alloy dispersion fuels, A [1]
        Continuum generation in ultra high numerical aperture fiber with application to multiphoton microscopy [1]
        Control of balance of plant components for solid oxide fuel cell systems with sensitivity to carbon formation [1]
        Control of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis derived aluminum-titanium carbide metal matrix composites [1]
        Culture, transboundary river negotiations, and the problem of implementation of agreement [1]
        Debris-flow hazard assessment and monitoring within the 2010 Medano fire burn area, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado [1]
        Defects and alloying in semiconductors: computational studies of clusters and surfaces [1]
        Design considerations for the third generation advanced high strength steel [1]
        Design optimization techniques for improved power factor and energy efficiency for industrial processes [1]