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        Analysis of facies and fractures with respect to production in the Bakken Formation, Parshall/Sanish fields, Williston Basin, North Dakota [1]
        Analysis of surface and downhole microseismic monitoring coupled with hydraulic fracture modeling in the Woodford Shale [1]
        Corrosion behavior and stress corrosion cracking of low alloy tubular steels in CO₂ containing environments [1]
        Elastic and mechanical properties of the Niobrara Formation with application to hydraulic fracture design [1]
        Experimental and numerical investigation of vibratory drum interacting with layered elastic media [1]
        Ground penetrating radar field data and computational modeling for studying hibernating wildlife and subsurface antennas [1]
        Hydrogen storage in silicon clathrates [1]
        Impact of fluvial depositional environments on hydraulic fracture growth in tight gas reservoirs, The [1]
        Irreducible bundle: its method, content, and meaning, The [1]
        Mineralogical and geochemical vectors to mineralization at the Hoyle Pond gold mine, Timmins, Ontario [1]
        Nanostructure of PECVD grown hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon, The [1]
        Numerical simulation of the 3-D hydraulic fracturing process, cleanup and relevant physics [1]
        Petrography of the Tuscaloosa and Paluxy sandstones, Delhi Field, Louisiana: influences on reservoir quality [1]
        Producibility of Almond Formation "tight" gas sandstones, Washakie Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A. [1]
        Rapid spectrophotometric detection for analysis of bacterial contamination in water [1]
        Regional geologic restoration of the structural and stratigraphic history of the Piceance Basin, northwest Colorado, USA [1]
        Remote control system for teleoperation of a skid-steer loader over a mobile Wi-Fi mesh network, A [1]
        Reservoir characterization and petrology of the Bakken Formation, Elm Coulee Field, Richland County, MT [1]
        Reservoir characterization to determine tertiary CO₂ flow paths in the Holt-Bryan reservoir, Delhi Field, northeastern Louisiana [1]
        Soil-machine interaction experimentation and modeling: compaction & lunar excavation [1]