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        Characterization of gas generated by sequential hydrous pyrolysis of potential gas-prone source rocks for tight-gas reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain area [1]
        Characterization, modeling and specifications of vibratory roller-measured soil properties [1]
        Compositional modeling of naturally fractured reservoirs using control-volume mixed finite-element method [1]
        Control volume mixed finite element and finite difference simulation of water-oil flow in naturally fractured reservoirs [1]
        Development of a generalized cross-shear wear model for UHMWPE in total joint replacements [1]
        Differential multiphoton microscopy [1]
        Effect of growth structures on slope channel architecture and facies with respect to reservoir characterization, Eocene Morillo Turbidite System (south-central Pyrenees, Spain) [1]
        Electrical instabilities of 2-phase flow of water in unconsolidated porous materials [1]
        Experimental measurements and numerical modeling of high velocity multiphase non-Darcy flow effects in porous media [1]
        Extended dynamic material balance technique and its application to field data, An [1]
        Geologic factors responsible for the generation of natural gas and pyrobitumen (char) through the pyrolysis of crude oils [1]
        Geology of the Toboggan gold-telluride prospects Murray, Idaho [1]
        Geometallurgical study at the Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah analyzing mineralogical and textural parameters impacting rock breakage, A [1]
        Homogenized behavior from increasingly heterogeneous systems: uranium transport experiments at the intermediate scale [1]
        Ichno-pedological facies of the Colton and Lower-Middle Green River Formations: implications for continental paleoclimate studies [1]
        Methods and applications of hydrogen peroxide analysis in freshwater systems [1]
        Modeling deformation and failure in geomaterials using discrete element methods [1]
        Modeling three-body recombination rates in ultracold 85Rb around the 155 G Feshbach resonance [1]
        Multi-scale compositional simulation of naturally fractured reservoirs [1]
        Multicomponent time-lapse monitoring of two hydraulic fracture stimulations in an unconventional reservoir, Pouce Coupe Field, Canada [1]