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        3-D geologic model of the deep-water Deposito and Encanto formations (Miocene-Pliocene) in the Saline basin of southeast Mexico [1]
        3-D geologic model of the Lewis Shale in the Great Divide and Washakie Basins, Wyoming [1]
        3-D seismic interpretation of tectonics and sedimentation within the Upper Cretaceous Lewis Shale and Fox Hills Sandstone, Baggs, Wyoming [1]
        3D finite element modeling of laboratory hydraulic fracture experiments [1]
        3D geologic modeling and fracture interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone, Alcova Anticline, Wyoming [1]
        3D modeling with stereo vision in underground mines [1]
        3D Strain and basement-involved folding, Thermopolis Anticline, Wyoming [1]
        Ability to predict ground water flow in a structurally faulted river valley with naturally occurring hot springs using multivariate geochemical analyses, The [1]
        Adhesion force between hydrate particles and macroscopic investigation of hydrate film growth at the hydrocarbon / water interface [1]
        Advancing the state of the art of UXO discrimination for total-field magnetic data [1]
        Aggregate resource assessment for the La Posta Band of Mission Indians Reservation, San Diego County, California [1]
        Aggregate resource investigation for selected areas of the San Pasqual band of Mission Indians reservation, Valley Center, California [1]
        Alteration and mineralization at the Centenario manto-type copper deposit, northern Chile [1]
        Alteration and mineralization of the San Pedro porphyry, Cerro San Pedro, San Luis Potosí, Mexico [1]
        Alteration of the Bootstrap limestone, northern Carlin trend, Elko County, Nevada [1]
        Analysis of faults and fractures, and their impact on a tight gas sand resource play in the Uinta Basin [1]
        Analysis of passive earth pressure and slope stability reliability by the random finite element method, The [1]
        Analysis of rock mechanical properties by mineralogy and their potential effects on hydraulic fracturing in the Woodford Shale, West Texas [1]
        Analysis of time-lapse p-wave seismic data from Rulison Field, Colorado [1]
        Analytical trilinear pressure transient model for multiply fractured horizontal wells in tight shale reservoirs [1]