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        The stratigraphy, metamorphism, and tectonic history of the Solwezi Area, Northwest Province, Zambia : integrating geological field observations and airborne geophysics in the interpretation of regional geology [1]
        The use of core and borehole image logs in a 3D model of the Cepo/Powder Mountain area, Washakie Basin, Wyoming [1]
        The use of one-dimensional columns and unsaturated flow modeling to assess the hydraulic processes in soil-based wastewater treatment systems [1]
        The use of time-lapse p-wave impedance inversion to monitor a CO2 flood at Weyburn field, Saskatchewan [1]
        Three-dimensional analysis of fault and fold geometry at Hamilton Dome, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Titanium nitride precipitation behavior in thin-slab cast HSLA steels [1]
        Total suction-moisture content characteristics for expansive soils [1]
        Trace element geochemistry and carbonate alteration as indicators for gold mineralization at the Cortez Hills deposit, Lander County, Nevada [1]
        Uncertainty of test-object-component response in nuclear-reactor experiments [1]
        Unified mechanistic model of multiphase flow in pipes and wells [1]
        Use of micrologs and electrical borehole images for fracture detection, natural buttes field, Uinta Basin, Utah [1]
        Using heteropoly acids in the anode catalyst layer of direct proton exchange membrane fuel cells [1]
        Using multivariate statistical analyses to characterize the effects of population growth on water quality in a mountain watershed [1]
        Using sequential hydrochemical analyses to characterize water quality variability at Mamm Creek Gas Field Area, Southeast Piceance Basin, Colorado [1]
        Visualization of molecular dynamics simulations [1]
        Vulnerability assessment of Colorado aquifers to pesticide contamination [1]
        Wastewater infiltration rate behavior in porous media as affected by infiltrative surface architecture : methods development and experimental results [1]
        Water budget of a mountain residence, Jefferson County, Colorado [1]
        Watershed scale impacts of pollutants in an alpine groundwater system [1]
        Weederbot - fusion, characterization, and evaluation of low-cost sensors for mobile robot navigation [1]