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        P-wave time-lapse seismic data interpretation at Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado [1]
        Palladium ruthenium membranes for hydrogen separation by electroless co-deposition [1]
        Palladium-gold membranes for hydrogen separations : development, characterization, and optimization [1]
        Particle genesis and effects on metals in the subsurface during in situ chemical oxidation using permanganate [1]
        Petrogenetic controls on the porosity of tight-gas sandstones in the Lance Formation, Pinedale Anticline, Sublette County Wyoming [1]
        Petrology and diagenesis of the Dad Sandstone, Lewis Shale, Washakie Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Petrophysical analysis of the Thamama Group, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. [1]
        Petrophysical analysis of vuggy porosity in the Shu'Aiba Formation of the United Arab Emirates [1]
        Petrophysical properties of the Tensleep sandstone at Sage Creek field, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Phoenix district exploration target evaluation based on integrated 3-D geology, geochemistry, and geophysics, Lander County, Nevada [1]
        Porosity and multiphase fluid saturation from time-lapse ground penetrating radar [1]
        Prediction and modeling of disc cutting forces for hard rock excavation based on assessment of punch penetration index for quantifying rock toughness and resistance to chipping [1]
        Pressure-transient analysis of wells in reservoirs with a multiple fracture network [1]
        Preventative measures for spontaneous combustion in underground coal mines [1]
        Production of MoS2 nanostructures through femtosecond pulsed laser deposition [1]
        Progress routing : removing beacon packets in geographic routing protocols [1]
        Proppant placement in low-viscosity slickwater type fracturing fluids [1]
        Provenance sourcing of obsidian artifacts from Managua, Nicaragua, using trace element geochemistry [1]
        Regional sand and gravel resource assessment on Alaskan native land allotments within the Cook Inlet region native corporation boundaries, Alaska [1]
        Relationship between field-calculated silicate dissolution rates and carbon dioxide partial pressure [1]