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        Gas condensate non-darcy flow effects in idealized dual-porosity/dual-permeability naturally fractured reservoirs [1]
        Gas metal arc-welding electrode heat-and-mass transfer mechanisms [1]
        Geochemical signatures of stratigraphic sequences and sea-level change in the Woodford Shale, Permian Basin [1]
        Geological controls on reservoir performance in two gas fields, southeast Mexico [1]
        Geology and structure of the Lower Southwest orebody, Greens Creek Mine, Alaska [1]
        Geology of the Huevos Verdes silver-gold vein system, San Jose district, Desado Massif, Patagonia, Argentina [1]
        Geomechanical modeling as a reservoir characterization tool at Rulison Field, Piceance Basin, Colorado [1]
        Global demand for road transport fuels [1]
        Ground penetrating radar location of buried avalanche victims [1]
        Hydrate plug dissociation in pipelines by pressure reduction : experiment and modeling [1]
        Hydraulic fracture model sensitivity analyses of massively stacked lenticular reservoirs in the Mesaverde formation, southern Piceance Basin, Colorado [1]
        Hydrogeochemical evaluation of the groundwater resources of Indian Wells-Owens Valley area, Southeastern California [1]
        Hydrogeochemistry of hard-rock mine waste in a a semi-arid climate [1]
        Hydrogeologic and hydrochemical framework of Indian Wells Valley, California : evidence for interbasin flow in the southern Sierra Nevada [1]
        Hydrologic evaluation of plugging Dinero Tunnel to improve water quality in Lake Fork Creek, Leadville, CO [1]
        Hyper-spectral imaging using fiber optic spatial decomposition for Raman spectroscopy [1]
        Identification of mineral extraction waste products using the AVIRIS, CASI, SFSI, and Hyperion imaging spectrometers at the Bauer Mill tailings site, Stockton, Utah [1]
        In-use emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles [1]
        Indium zinc oxide thin films : a novel family of transparent conducting oxides [1]
        Influence of strain rate on the mechanical properties and formability of ferritic stainless steels [1]