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        "SDA" an expert system to assist in seismic deconvolution processing [1]
        3D numerical forward modeling of complex resistivity field data [1]
        Abnormal chest X-ray evaluation [1]
        AC Hall measurement system for HgCdTe, An [1]
        Acetic acid stripping of metals from soil followed by metal removal in a bioreactor dominated by sulfate reducing bacteria [1]
        Algorithm for solving a class of pseudo-boolean equations, An [1]
        Algorithm for the near optimization of tactical force ratios in the defense, An [1]
        Algorithm for the solution of a class of industrial queuing problems using geometric programming and condensation, An [1]
        Algorithm for the solution of a class of non-linear learning curve models using geometric programming, An [1]
        Alloy phase analysis from measurements of bulk electronic and magnetic properties [1]
        Alternative fiscal regimes applicable to the Mifergui Joint Project [1]
        Analysis of a multicomponent seismic test spread: South Casper Creek Field, Natrona County, Wyoming [1]
        Analysis of combat-to-support ratio for the U.S. Army at theater level [1]
        Analysis of CSM graduate degrees granted between Fall 1988 and Spring 1991, An [1]
        Analysis of optimization possibilities of stress screened electronic components [1]
        Analysis of phytoplankton adaptation to vertical water column mixing as indicated by primary productivity: data from the Potomac Estuary [1]
        Analysis of the electric utility industry during the energy crisis with implications to solid waste management policies, An [1]
        Analysis of the process-induced piping defect in extrusion with conical discs, An [1]
        Analysis of the spare parts inventory at the Rocky Flats Plant, An [1]
        Analytic hierarchy process approach to determination of combat power, The [1]