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        3D numerical forward modeling of complex resistivity field data [1]
        Acetic acid stripping of metals from soil followed by metal removal in a bioreactor dominated by sulfate reducing bacteria [1]
        Application of UCODE to evaluate ground-water flow at the Glenrock Mine, Converse County, Glenrock, Wyoming [1]
        Assessing the presence of a buried meteor impact crater using geophysical data, south-central Idaho [1]
        Calculating pressure drops across positive displacement motors in air drilling systems [1]
        Characterizing compartmentalization of a petroleum reservoir by integrating sequence stratigraphy, 3-D seismic interpretation, and production data, Sorrento Field, Colorado, USA [1]
        Comparative water balance modeling of a reclamation soil cover in an arid environment [1]
        Complex resistivity to evaluate the biooxidation of gold ore [1]
        Complexity analysis of generic optimization problems : characterizing the topography of high-dimensional functions, A [1]
        Computational methodology for modeling large scale sublevel caving with a three-dimensional discrete element method, A [1]
        Converted P-SV wave analysis of a fractured reservoir, Silo Field, Wyoming, A [1]
        Correlation between mercury injection and centrifuge capillary pressure measurement for sandstones [1]
        Correlations to predict and smooth pore volume compressibility from laboratory test measurements [1]
        Depositional and diagenetic controls on the distribution of porosity in the Lower Cretaceous Fall River Sandstone, southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Determination of the conditions necessary for slope failure of a deep-seated landslide at Woodway, Washington [1]
        Development of an object-oriented reaction transport computer code and simulation of acid mine drainage impacts to ground water at the St. Kevin Gulch site, Leadville, Colorado [1]
        Devitrification and recrystallization processes in ceramic refactory fibers [1]
        Devitrification and shrinkage of alumina-silica based refractory insulating fibers [1]
        Dielectric properties of mixtures of clay-water-organic compounds [1]
        Direct current resistivity investigation of groundwater in the Lower Mesilla Valley, New Mexico and Texas [1]