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        Adsorption of radium and thorium onto quartz and kaolinite. a comparison of solution/surface equilibria models [1]
        Algorithm for determining soil and water helium concentrations from headspace analyses: examples of geochemical applications in Long Valley, California, and the Fiji Islands, An [1]
        Alteration and element distribution associated with selected uranium deposits of the Great Divide basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming [1]
        Anaerobic corrosion caused by sulfate-reducing bacteria [1]
        Analysis and optimization of physical and hydraulic properties of constructed wetlands substrates for passive treatment of acid mine drainage [1]
        Analysis of a landslide along Interstate 70 near Vail, Colorado [1]
        Analysis of soil slopes utilizing acoustic emissions [1]
        Analyzing injectivity of non-Newtonian fluids: an application of the Hall plot [1]
        Andalucia Sur Field: a simulation study [1]
        Application of a program evaluation and review technique model for the introduction of a new packaged consumer good, An [1]
        Application of reflection and refraction to estimate residual static corrections caused by near surface heterogeneity in Saudi Arabia [1]
        Applications of electrical resistivity method in sea-water intrusion problem in Ayn Zayanah area near Benghazi, Libya [1]
        Assessment of aquifer heterogeneities at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Washington using inverse contaminant plume analysis [1]
        Assessment of the long-term hydrologic effects of artificial recharge on the Denver ground-water basin using computer simulation methods, An [1]
        Asymptotic solutions to direct and inverse scattering in anisotropic elastic media [1]
        Beneficiation of a Mexican fluorite ore [1]
        Borehole stability in the Williston Basin: the Four Eyes field case study [1]
        Case study: an assessment of ground-water flow in the Dever Formation beneath a ground-water containment system at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Denver, Colorado [1]
        Causal analysis of variables important in the United States oil industry using time series methods, A [1]
        Changes in chloride content of carbonate rocks after hydrochloric acidization [1]