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        Analysis of the performance of the cyclone classifiers at the Climax mine [1]
        Applicability of various American small quarry operating techniques to Cambodian rock production requirements, The [1]
        Artificial lift study Reef Reservoir [1]
        Blasting in a layered rock [1]
        Comparison of externally refrigerated and expander processes for high ethane recovery [1]
        Computer analysis for modification of base environmental conditions to permit cold weather paving [1]
        Correlation by dimensional analysis of breakthrough curves in fixed-bed adsorption systems [1]
        Determination of the composition and temperature dependencies of thermal conductivity factors for Green River oil shale, A [1]
        Development of theoretical equations for predicting tunnel boreability [1]
        Drilling and completion practices, Ignacio-Blanco Dakota field [1]
        Economic evaluation of the Peruvian mining community, An [1]
        Effect of compaction on the cooling of hot-mix asphalt concrete [1]
        Effect of formation compressibility and edge water on gas field performance [1]
        Effect of gas production rate on the performance of partial water drive-gas reservoir, The [1]
        Engineering design of laboratory equipment for crude oil and multi-component hydrocarbon steam-distillation tests, An [1]
        Estimation of solute activities from solubilities in binary metal systems [1]
        Evaluation of two haulage systems as applied to iron concentrate transportation in eastern Bolivia [1]
        Failure of partial-penetration welds in maraging steel [1]
        Fiscal impact analysis in theory and practice [1]
        Frequency and the time domain responses of a buried two-dimensional inhomogeneity, The [1]