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        ADMIRE: Autonomous Dam Monitoring with Integrated Real-time Evaluation [1]
        Coalbed methane produced water organic matter characterization: contribution, origin, and potential impact on membrane treatment technologies [1]
        Development of a directionally independent roller measurement value [1]
        Hydrogen peroxide dynamics in an agricultural headwater stream: evidence for significant biological production [1]
        Microbial diversity associated with single cell protein produced from a brewery wastewater pilot plant [1]
        Microstructure-mechanical property relationships for Ni-Ti-Pt high temperature shape memory alloys [1]
        Mineralogy and its contribution to anisotropy and kerogen stiffness variations with maturity in the Bakken shales [1]
        Model for the envelopes of spin waves in magnetic film feedback rings, A [1]
        New route to sulfonic acid functional polymers [1]
        Phosphonic acid based copolymer fuel cell membrane [1]
        Predicted response of microstructure, distortion, and residual stress in carburized steels cooled via oil and high intensity quenching [1]
        Predictive bio-computational wear modeling for joint replacements [1]
        Quantum many-body tunneling of Bose-Einstein condensates [1]
        Quasiparticle spectrum of 2-D Dirac vortices in optical lattices [1]
        Robust optimization of NURBs metamodels for engineering design [1]
        Statistical shape model for probabilistic studies of the lumbar spine, A [1]
        Study of microalloy precipitation in hot charged slabs [1]
        Technique for large-scale EBSD mapping of polycrystalline silicon [1]
        Transformation of the U.S.-ROK alliance: balancing American strategic flexibility and South Korean modernization, The [1]
        Using circuit-level power measurements in household energy management systems [1]