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        Identification of the carbon incorporation mechanism during atomic layer deposition of SiCxNy using in situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy [1]
        Imaging ionospheric light emissions (ELVES) with the Pierre Auger Observatory [1]
        Immobilization of heteropolyacids in PEM fuel cell membranes via copolymerization [1]
        In operando investigations of lithium-sulfur and lithium-ion battery electrolytes using ATR FT-IR spectroscopy [1]
        In operando optical measurements of sodium battery electrolytes [1]
        In situ optical diagnostic study of the atomic layer etching of SiO2, An [1]
        In vitro 3D bioprinting trabecular meshwork models using organic hydrogels [1]
        In-operando FT-IR spectroscopy of electrolyte decomposition in lithium-ion batteries [1]
        Incorporation of silicon nanoparticles into silicon based solar cells [1]
        Increased organic content in the presence of clay floccules: a case study of the Sharon Springs Formation, Canon City Basin, south-central, CO [1]
        Innovative computational approach for modeling thermo-hydro processes within enhanced geothermal, An [1]
        Input/output models for wind turbine control and fault detection [1]
        Insight into hard rock pillar behavior from numerical simulation using a progressive S-shaped failure criterion [1]
        Introduction and workflow of geothermal reservoir imaging using distributed acoustic sensing [1]
        Inverse polymer mesoporous silica nanoparticle controlled release device [1]
        Inverse regression for ridge recovery [1]
        Investigating high speed deflagrations through rock rubble resulting from methane gas explosions in confined spaces [1]
        Investigating temperature effects on ionic liquids with FTIR spectroscopy [1]
        Investigating the metastabilities surrounding hydrogen hydrates for energy storage applications [1]
        Investigation of material dependence in the promotion of clathrate hydrate nucleation for energy applications [1]