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        Landslide structures and volume derived from satellite imagery of the 2016 Lamplugh Glacier rock avalanche, Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska [1]
        Linear parameter varying torque control of a 13.2 MW segmented ultra-light morphing rotor wind turbine [1]
        Lithium nitride coated lithium silicide as anode materials for lithium ion batteries [1]
        Lithium silicide encapsulated porous carbon thin films for lithium ion batteries [1]
        Lithologic control on weathering processes in the East River Valley, Gothic, CO, USA [1]
        Mesoporous carbon nanomaterials with physisorbed HDEHP for the separation of rare earth elements [1]
        Mesoscale modeling of quantum yield in nanocrystalline devices [1]
        Methodology to predict product size distribution of a vertical stirred grinding mill using Bond's ball mill [1]
        Methods for parameter estimation of a stochastic SEIR model [1]
        Methods in data clustering [1]
        Micro-scale mechanical properties of NMC lithium ion battery cathodes [1]
        Microbial diversity associated with single cell protein produced from a brewery wastewater pilot plant [1]
        Microbiological implications of a sulfur-dominated glacial spring system found in the Canadian High Arctic [1]
        Microstructure-mechanical property relationships for Ni-Ti-Pt high temperature shape memory alloys [1]
        Mineralogy and its contribution to anisotropy and kerogen stiffness variations with maturity in the Bakken shales [1]
        Model for the envelopes of spin waves in magnetic film feedback rings, A [1]
        Modeling a coupled hybrid anaerobic reactor for generation of energy (E2.4) energy and resource recovery thrust [1]
        Modeling of geomechanical stress distribution during polymer injection for enhanced oil recovery [1]
        Modelling thin-film transistors for understanding material properties and improving electronic device performance [1]
        Molecular dynamic simulations of water contaminated biodiesel [1]