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        Fabrication of linear nanostructures via laser interference lithography [1]
        Fabrication of ternary palladium alloy membranes for hydrogen production [1]
        Facile method for making monodispersed colloidal plantinum nanocrystals, A [1]
        Facile method for making monodispersed colloidal platinum nanocrystals, A [1]
        Fast orthogonal approximations of sampled sinusoids and bandlimited signals [1]
        Feasibility of electrocoagulation as a primary treatment in waste water treatment plants [1]
        Finding holey ground: the sand boil problem [1]
        Fine grained group gesture detection using wearable devices [1]
        From poop to gold: an examination of energy-positive wastewater treatment in an anaerobic reactor system [1]
        Functional mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the selective sequestration of fatty acids [2]
        Functionalization of 110 oriented silicon quantum wires [1]
        Functionalization of silicon quantum dots and deposition into silicon nanowire arrays [1]
        Gas hydrate adhesion to mineral surfaces [1]
        Geochemical controls of uranium dissolution into groundwater on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota [1]
        Geometry of factored nuclear norm regularization [1]
        Graphical visualization of cost savings potentials of energy storage with time-of-use rates [1]
        Green roof heat and mass transfer model coupled with a finite difference method for building energy simulations, A [1]
        Heteropoly acid immobilization and crosslinking in a polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cells [1]
        High performance computing applications for material physics [1]
        High-order explicit finite difference scheme for efficient solution of axisymmetric fluid diffusion equation in non-uniform grids [1]