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        Quadripole mapping near the Fly Ranch geothermal prospect, northwest Nevada [1]
        Qualitative and quantitative comparative analyses of 3D LiDAR landslide displacement field measurements [1]
        Qualitative and semi-quantitative debris flow susceptibility mapping of mining communities in Peru using logistic regression models [1]
        Qualitative image based localization in a large building [1]
        Qualitative risk assessment and identification of key drivers for consideration during selection of a copper tailings disposal technology, A [1]
        Qualitative spectrographic analysis of zinc concentrates [1]
        Qualitative study on primary nucleation of gas hydrates, A [1]
        Qualitative study on the potential of lactic and gluconic acids for acidizing operations [1]
        Quality-aware voice convergecast in mobile low power wireless networks [1]
        Quantification of significant variables in kinetic hydrate inhibition [1]
        Quantification of surface and bulk fluid induced proton relaxation mechanisms for low field nuclear magnetic resonance [1]
        Quantification of the bed-scale architecture of submarine depositional environments and application to lobe deposits of the Point Loma Formation, California [1]
        Quantification of timing uncertainty in a correlation based channel sounder [1]
        Quantifying near-wellbore permeability heterogeneity using wellbore flow modeling and fiber optics distributed pressure sensor [1]
        Quantifying soil hydraulic property changes with fire severity by laboratory burning; data from Wieting et al. (2017) [1]
        Quantifying the effect of conductive polymer binders on Li-O2 battery performance [1]
        Quantifying the effect of in-situ stresses and pit depth on slope stability by incorporating brittle fracturing in numerical model analyses [1]
        Quantifying the effects of residential infill redevelopment on urban stormwater quality [1]
        Quantifying the lateral heterogeneity of distal submarine lobe deposits, Point Loma Formation, California: implications for subsurface lateral facies prediction [1]
        Quantifying the value in geoscientific information using panel data econometrics [1]