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        Identification of deformation mechanisms in thermally stable cast Al-Cu alloys via neutro diffraction [1]
        Impact of cellular dislocation structures produced by additive manufacturing on neutron irradiation damage evolution in stainless steel 316L [1]
        Improvements of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite bonds: thick joint failure model, shape memory alloy reinforcements, and in-situ x-ray characterizations [1]
        In situ high energy x-ray diffraction characterization of phase transformations and mechanical behaviors in rapidly solidified titanium and stainless steel alloys [1]
        In-situ studies of strain rate effects on phase transformation and microstructural evolution in metastable β titanium alloys [1]
        Incorporating prior information into geophysical inversion: from regularized inversion of thermal data to a framework using conditional variational autoencoders [1]
        Influence of Pennsylvanian-Triassic salt tectonics on laramide shortening in central Colorado: a new tectonic model, The [1]
        Influence of reaction synthesis feedstocks on solidification defect formation and microstructure-property relationships in electron beam freeform fabrication of aluminum metal matrix composites [1]
        Inorganic phosphorus chemistry of Utah Lake's effluent mixing zones [1]
        Insights into mudstone sedimentology, organic richness, and anoxia at the opening of the Cretaceous Interior Seaway: Colorado's Skull Creek Formation [1]
        Integrated framework for modeling and optimization of commercial district cooling systems [1]
        Integrated sequence stratigraphy and geochemistry of the Triassic Shublik Formation in the Alaska North Slope: implications for petroleum expulsion potential [1]
        Investigation into next steps for engineered open water wetlands and saturated lignocellulose bioreactors as passive unit processes, An [1]
        Investigation of the tensile and fracturing behaviour of geopolymer concrete made by sodium hydroxide activation of gold mine tailings [1]
        Laboratory investigation of process zone stress [1]
        Learning guided associations of phenotypes and genotypes using high-order multi-modal representations of longitudinal medical data [1]
        Machine learning applications for core guided petrophysical analysis [1]
        Magmatic processes on the asteroid 4-Vesta: implications for differentiation of small rocky bodies [1]
        Matching crystal structures atom-to-atom: applications in material science [1]
        Microseismic guided wave eigenfunction theory with application to event depth classification in the Eagle Ford shale [1]