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        Batteries and thermal energy storage: an analytical method for sizing and analyzing potential synergies in hybrid systems [1]
        Combining free energy calculations with machine learning predictions of adsorption to design metal-organic frameworks for chemical separations [1]
        Comparative geomechanical investigation of empirical, analytical, and numerical methods utilized in designing flat-roof excavations in discontinuous and laminated rockmasses [1]
        Comprehensive modeling of process-molten pool condition-property correlations for wire-feed laser additive manufacturing [1]
        Constraining evapotranspiration and understanding ET drivers and limitations in a mountain headwaters system [1]
        Control of optoelectronic properties via aliovalent disorder in ternary nitrides and oxynitrides [1]
        Controls on debris flow avulsions: White Mountains of California and Nevada [1]
        Controls on the formation of disseminated- and vein-style low-sulfidation epithermal precious metal deposits [1]
        Core- to log-scale analysis of the Wolfcamp Formation in the Thunder C20-13 #2H core, Delaware Basin, Reeves County, Texas [1]
        Cost-effective chemical EOR in conventional carbonate reservoirs: simple ketones and surfactants [1]
        Coupled geomechanics, thermal and fluid flow model for wellbore integrity analysis, A [1]
        Design and optimization considerations of advanced catalytic membrane reactors for efficient ammonia synthesis and decomposition [1]
        Design and synthesis of organic and hybrid materials for application in lighting, gas storage, and catalysis [1]
        Design, implementation and interpretation of algorithms to predict the progression of Alzheimer's disease [1]
        Design, synthesis, and impedance spectroscopy of triple ionic-electronic conducting thin film electrodes [1]
        Development of artificial-intelligence based autonomous roof fall hazard detection system [1]
        Development of emitter layers for cadmium selenide telluride-based solar cells [1]
        Development of novel six-dimensional anisotropic and asymmetric yield approaches applied to the study of dwell fatigue using various x-ray techniques, The [1]
        Development strategies for conventional tight-oil formations in the Middle East [1]
        Diagenesis and petroleum potential of the Mowry shale in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, The [1]