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        On the operando study of lithium concentration in the graphite anode of a Li-ion battery [1]
        Optimal design and control of cool thermal energy storage as a distributed energy resource [1]
        Optimization and data-driven methods for signal processing [1]
        Optimizing graph analyses on GPUs [1]
        Oxidative stress and trabecular meshwork cells in biomimetic three-dimensional environments: implications for glaucoma [1]
        Performance evaluation of integrated closed-circuit RO/NF desalination and simulated solar energy for the Navajo Nation brackish groundwater [1]
        Petrophysical characterization of bioturbated reservoir facies in the Turner sandstone, Porcupine and Tuit Draw fields, southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Phase-field study of diffusion controlled phenomena: reorientation of zirconium hydrides and oxidation of metals [1]
        Post-processing of InSAR persistent scatterer time-series to investigate deformational processes induced by subsurface excavation [1]
        Potential beneficial reuse of oilfield produced water for agricultural irrigation: effects on crop health, uptake, metabolism, and bioaccumulation [1]
        Predicting tunnel boring machine utilization using discrete event simulation models for hard rocks [1]
        Probabilistic constraints for optimization-based motion planning [1]
        Process design for gallium recovery including lixiviant regeneration [1]
        Projected climate changes in post-wildfire debris-flow likelihood, volume, and runout applied to the 2017 California Thomas Fire [1]
        Proterozoic structural history of the Montezuma mining district in the central Colorado Front Range [1]
        Protonic-ceramic fuel cells and electrolyzers: scale-up, degradation and high-pressure operation [1]
        Qualitative and semi-quantitative debris flow susceptibility mapping of mining communities in Peru using logistic regression models [1]
        Quantification of surface and bulk fluid induced proton relaxation mechanisms for low field nuclear magnetic resonance [1]
        Quantifying the lateral heterogeneity of distal submarine lobe deposits, Point Loma Formation, California: implications for subsurface lateral facies prediction [1]
        Quantitative analysis of the morphology and topography of subaqueous mass transport deposits, and their effect on healing-phase deepwater gravity flows overlying the mass transport deposits [1]