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        Fatigue in low pressure carbonitrided steels [1]
        Faulting and natural fracturing across the DJ Basin: impacts on production from Hereford field, northern Colorado [1]
        Feasibility study of closed-loop geothermal heat extraction concepts using reservoir simulation [1]
        Fission fragment mass and energy distributions for neutron induced fission of 235U, 238U AND 239Pu measured with the NIFFTE time projection chamber [1]
        Fluid-fluid interaction in shallow hydrothermal systems: implications to silica vein textures in epithermal deposits [1]
        From tree to tap: the impacts of climate change on biogeochemical processes during conifer needle decomposition and broader implications for water quality in Colorado [1]
        Functional impact of natural organic matter on the adsorption of 2-methylisoborneol and geosmin to powdered activated carbon [1]
        Future flows in the Upper Arkansas River Basin: an examination of the voluntary flow management program amidst climate and hydrologic change, The [1]
        Game theoretical analysis of resource allocation in the interplanetary file system [1]
        Generalized machine-learning-based point cloud classification for natural and cut slopes [1]
        Genesis of the Wolfram Camp tungsten-molybdenum deposit, Queensland, Australia, and the geochemistry of tungsten ore minerals, The [1]
        Geochemistry and high-precision geochronology of the mass transfer between a skarn and sapphire metapelite within the Whitehorn Stock magmatic-hydrothermal system, Colorado: a model for hydrothermal corundum [1]
        Geologic evaluation of the Parkman sandstone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Geology, mineralization, alteration, and structural evolution of the Zaozigou Au-Sb deposit, west Qinling Orogen, China [1]
        Germanium occurrence in the bornite deposit, southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska [1]
        Givenness hierarchy theoretic natural language generation [1]
        Identification of deformation mechanisms in thermally stable cast Al-Cu alloys via neutro diffraction [1]
        Impact of cellular dislocation structures produced by additive manufacturing on neutron irradiation damage evolution in stainless steel 316L [1]
        Improvements of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite bonds: thick joint failure model, shape memory alloy reinforcements, and in-situ x-ray characterizations [1]
        In situ high energy x-ray diffraction characterization of phase transformations and mechanical behaviors in rapidly solidified titanium and stainless steel alloys [1]