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        Effect of temperature on oil/water relative permeabilities in microfluidic micromodel, The [1]
        Effect of tempering on hydrogen induced cracking in accelerated cooled pipeline steels [1]
        Endolithic and planktonic subsurface microbiome within zones of active low-temperature serpentinization in the Samail ophiolite of Oman, The [1]
        Enhanced completion evaluations in unconventional reservoirs: new applications of fiber optic sensing and machine learning [1]
        Estimating historical concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances with groundwater flow and transport models and a Monte Carlo analysis [1]
        Evaluating the impacts of crew experience and selected activities on utilization of hard rock tunnel boring machines (TBMs) [1]
        Evaluation of diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) and rate transient analysis (RTA) in Hereford field, northern DJ Basin [1]
        Exceeding the biochemical speed limit of fibrinolysis using magnetically powered microwheels [1]
        Experimental and computational analysis of oil field operations [1]
        Experimental investigation of acoustic atomization in liquid loading horizontal gas wells [1]
        Experimental study on the discharge coefficient of perforation behaviours during hydraulic fracturing treatments [1]
        Exploring the effectiveness of body language in mitigating the face threat of robot noncompliance [1]
        Exploring the effects of uncertainty in hydrologic modeling and reconciling spatiotemporal data gaps at the continental scale [1]
        Extraction, transport, and transformation of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances in soils impacted by aqueous film-forming foam [1]
        Fatigue in low pressure carbonitrided steels [1]
        Faulting and natural fracturing across the DJ Basin: impacts on production from Hereford field, northern Colorado [1]
        Feasibility study of closed-loop geothermal heat extraction concepts using reservoir simulation [1]
        Fission fragment mass and energy distributions for neutron induced fission of 235U, 238U AND 239Pu measured with the NIFFTE time projection chamber [1]
        Fluid-fluid interaction in shallow hydrothermal systems: implications to silica vein textures in epithermal deposits [1]
        From tree to tap: the impacts of climate change on biogeochemical processes during conifer needle decomposition and broader implications for water quality in Colorado [1]