• Caribou silver mine core drilling program 

        Author(s):Hendricks, Thomas S.; Power Petroleums, Inc.
        Date Issued:1985
        Format:mine maps
        Shows the mine workings and vein systems of the Caribou silver mine, along with core drill program locations and sampling results between December 1984 and February 1985 from the 1230 and 500 levels.
      • Caribou mine 

        Author(s):Hendricks, Thomas S.
        Format:mine maps
        Shows a composite of the 740, 920, 1040, 1140 and 1230 levels of the Caribou mine. Includes information on stoping and sampling done in the veins.
      • Cross-Caribou project Boulder County, Colorado; plan map with drill plan 

        Author(s):Hendricks, Thomas S.; Calais Resources Inc.
        Date Issued:1999
        Format:mine maps
        Shows mines, veins, and faults in the area around the Caribou mine, and Caribou townsite.