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        4D quantitative interpretation of Jubarte field (Brazil) : an integrated approach [1]
        4D simultaneous PP-PS prestack inversion : the Edvard Grieg field, Norwegian North Sea [1]
        Across- and along-strike structural and geochronological variations of the Nashoba-Putnam and Avalon terranes, eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, southeastern New England Appalachians [1]
        Advanced perfluorinated anion exchange membrane polymers and their issues in electrochemical conversion devices [1]
        Advancing understanding and prediction of redevelopment impacts on stormwater runoff in semi-arid urban areas [1]
        Assessment of alloy 709 accelerated creep properties for use in sodium cooled fast reactors [1]
        CFD modeling of methane flame, turbulence, and obstacle interaction applied to a longwall coal mine [1]
        Chalcogenide-based van der Waals-layered materials for enhanced electronic and electromechanical properties [1]
        Chaos and complexity of magnetic spin-wave solitary wave dynamics in the complex cubic quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation [1]
        Characterization, analysis, and remediation of the Cedar Pass landslide complex, Badlands National Park, South Dakota [1]
        Color-gradient lattice Boltzmann model for 3D multiphase flows with density ratios [1]
        Computationally efficient methods for block average models [1]
        Constraining the tectonothermal evolution of subducted oceanic crust using thermodynamic phase equilibrium modeling [1]
        Contextualizing and communicating the ancillary benefits of green stormwater infrastructure [1]
        Coupled mechanical and ultrasonic investigation of physical processes in granular gouge layers [1]
        Darcy flow coupled time-lapse gravity inversions for reservoir properties [1]
        Data-driven approach to calculating nodal net load forecasts in power systems analysis, A [1]
        Depositional timing of lobate landforms in the Park and Leon Creek drainages with comparisons to West Salt Creek landslide, Grand Mesa area, Mesa County, Colorado, The [1]
        Detection and potential impacts of nanomaterials released from building materials in the natural weathering environment [1]
        Developing a system to measure rheology of conditioned soil for soft-ground TBM tunneling [1]