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        Effect of fluid viscosity and density on proppant transport in complex slot systems, The [1]
        Effect of liquid metal embrittlement cracks on mechanical behavior in advanced high strength steel [1]
        Effect of nickel content on rolling-sliding contact fatigue of carburized steels [1]
        Effect of rapid tempering on microstructural evolution and toughness within the tempered martensite embrittlement regime of 4340 and 300-M, The [1]
        Effect of the representation of grain structure on the prediction of brittle rock mechanical behavior using bonded block models [1]
        Effective development of cylindrical finite-difference time-domain for electromagnetics applications [1]
        Effectiveness of acid mine drainage remediation on the water quality of the North Fork of Clear Creek, Gilpin County, Colorado [1]
        Effects of austenite conditioning on microstructural development and interphase precipitation in titanium-molybdenum microalloyed steels, The [1]
        Effects of climate on fluvial discharge and key controls of fluvial fans: a quantitative study, The [1]
        Effects of heat treatment on structure-property relationships of additively manufactured Inconel 718, The [1]
        Effects of metastable austenite and martensite on the susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement of TBF steels, The [1]
        Effects of proactive explanations by autonomous systems on human-robot trust [1]
        Elastoplastic bounding surface macroelement model for dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis [1]
        Energy transition and decarbonization: essays at the intersection of policy and technology, The [1]
        Enhancing socio-technical integration of remediation efforts in artisanal and small-scale gold mining communities [1]
        Entropic criteria for computational models of advection-diffusion equations [1]
        Environmental signal propagation, preservation, and identification in sediment routing systems [1]
        Evaluation of point-based methane monitoring and proximity detection for methane explosive zones in longwall faces of underground coal mines [1]
        Evolving subsurface connectivity in arctic and alpine ecosystems: the impact of permafrost and seasonally frozen ground [1]
        Exothermic flux forge welding of steel tubulars [1]