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        4000-year history of debris flows in north-central Washington State, USA : preliminary results from trenching and surficial geologic mapping at the Pope Creek fan [1]
        Analysis of rainfall and runoff for debris flows at the Illgraben catchment, Switzerland [1]
        Application of an innovative, low-maintenance weir to protect against debris flows and floods in Ottone, Italy [1]
        Application of an MPS-based model to the process of debris-flow deposition on alluvial fans [1]
        Application of knowledge-driven method for debris-slide susceptibility mapping in regional scale [1]
        Characteristics of debris flows just downstream the initiation area on Punta Nera cliffs, Venetian Dolomites [1]
        Characterizing debris transfer patterns in the White Canyon, British Columbia with terrestrial laser scanning [1]
        Commonalities between debris flows and flow failures [1]
        Comparison of an empirical and a process-based model for simulating debris-flow inundation following the 2010 Schultz Fire in Coconino County, Arizona, USA [1]
        Complexity of a debris-flow system at Forest Falls, California [1]
        Compressibility of solid phase of debris flow and erosion rate [1]
        Concentration distribution in debris flow consisting of particles with two different sizes [1]
        Conceptual framework for assessing disturbance impacts on debris-flow initiation thresholds across hydroclimatic settings [1]
        Constraining parameter uncertainty in modeling debris-flow initiation during the September 2013 Colorado Front Range storm [1]
        Correlation between the slump parameters and rheological parameters of debris-flow [1]
        Debris flow assessment from rainfall infiltration induced landslide [1]
        Debris flow behavior in super- and subcritical conditions [1]
        Debris flow building damage level and vulnerability curve : a case study of a 2015 typhoon event in northern Taiwan [1]
        Debris flow mitigation – research and practice in Hong Kong [1]
        Debris flow monitoring using load cells and pressure sensors on Sakura-jima Island [1]