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        Advances in polymeric nanosensor technology for biological analysis [1]
        Advancing the computational exploration for thermoelectric materials [1]
        Alteration and mineral paragenesis of the McArthur River and Fox Lake uranium deposits, Athabasca Basin : a new model for the formation of unconformity-related uranium deposits [1]
        Amorphous matrix effects on silicon nanoparticles [1]
        Analysis of anorthite dissolution at the microscopic scale [1]
        Analysis of Velocity Variation with Azimuth (VVAZ) for natural fracture and stress characterization, Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina [1]
        Anisotropic analysis of unconventional reservoirs using rock physics model : Eagle Ford shale case study [1]
        Anthropogenic impacts on the water and energy balance of an urban semi-arid environment [1]
        Application and integration of ruthenium catalysts for water treatment and resource recovery [1]
        Application of geostatistical methods for the quantification of multiple-scale uncertainty due to aleatory geologic variability, The [1]
        Applied machine learning for multi-sensory robot perception [1]
        Applying mathematical models of human circadian rhythms for experimental design and data analysis [1]
        Atom probe tomography of small-molecule organic semiconducting materials [1]
        Atomic norm algorithms for blind spectral super-resolution problems [1]
        Automated methods for generating least privilege access control policies [1]
        Autonomous navigation in GPS denied environments using MPC and LQR with potential field based obstacle avoidance [1]
        Benchmarking isosopin symmetry breaking in ab initio nuclear theory via the isobaric multiplet mass equation in T = 1 superallowed β decay systems [1]
        Breathing new life into postmortem analysis : the testing and formalization of a methodology for the identification of key failure modes in dry holes [1]
        Bulk compositional controls on mineral assemblages in metamorphosed ore deposits : an example from the LaRonde-Penna gold-rich VHMS deposit, Quebec, Canada [1]
        Characterization of galvanized/galvannealed sheet steel defects towards enabling defect free zinc coatings [1]