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        Geochemical controls on the fluid evolution of submarine and subaerial ore-forming hydrothermal systems [1]
        Geochemistry of natural gases in the Vøring and Møre basins, Norwegian Sea [1]
        Geochronology and metallogeny of the Hunjiang Basin, northeastern North China block, with a focus on the genesis of the White Mountain sedimentary rock-hosted gold deposit [1]
        Geologic reservoir characterization of the Niobrara Formation in the Trabing field, western Powder River Basin, Wyoming [1]
        Geologic significance of microbialites and microbially influenced sedimentary structures of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota [1]
        Geology and geochemistry of the Kansanshi Cu-(Au) deposit, North-Western Province, Zambia [1]
        Geology of Kakanda, D.R.C. : implications for lithological and structural controls of Cu-Co mineralization of the Roan group, The [1]
        Hidden Markov approach for screenout detection in unconventional reservoirs, A [1]
        High frequency NMR characterization of the Eagle Ford shale formation [1]
        Hybrid nanoscale devices for magnetocaloric refrigeration [1]
        Hydrogen embrittlement assessment of alloy 718 with precipitate variations [1]
        Hydrogen embrittlement of 4340 with martensitic and bainitic microstructures for fastener applications [1]
        Hydrothermal solubility of monazite rare earth element endmembers , The [1]
        Identifying and quantifying mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) induced watershed scale changes to metal input, storage, and export, Rocky Mountains, USA [1]
        Imaging ahead of a tunnel boring machine with DC resistivity : a laboratory and numerical study [1]
        Impact of environmental conditions on methane-air explosion development and propagation through rock rubble in confined spaces , The [1]
        Impact of reservoir heterogeneity on inventory verification in natural gas underground storage reservoirs subject to water drive [1]
        Impact of synthetic and natural surface-active components on hydrate agglomeration, The [1]
        Impacts of rare earth elements on biological wastewater treatment processes [1]
        Implementation of biomaterials to study and control complex cell behaviors [1]