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        Benchmarking isosopin symmetry breaking in ab initio nuclear theory via the isobaric multiplet mass equation in T = 1 superallowed β decay systems [1]
        Breathing new life into postmortem analysis : the testing and formalization of a methodology for the identification of key failure modes in dry holes [1]
        Bulk compositional controls on mineral assemblages in metamorphosed ore deposits : an example from the LaRonde-Penna gold-rich VHMS deposit, Quebec, Canada [1]
        Characterization of galvanized/galvannealed sheet steel defects towards enabling defect free zinc coatings [1]
        Characterization of pentlandite-bearing quartz veins of Kambalda, Western Australia [1]
        Characterization of the diagenetic mechanisms controlling dolomite formation in the Middle Bakken member at Elm Coulee field, Montana, A [1]
        Characterization of the mineralized albitite bodies at Biggejavri, Kautokeino Greenstone Belt, Finnmark, Northern Norway [1]
        Chemistry and morphology of rocks : implication for CO₂ storage capacity [1]
        Computational modeling of extravascular platelet aggregation under flow [1]
        Convex and nonconvex optimization geometries [1]
        Cryogenic penetration and relaxation behavior of dry and icy lunar regolith simulants [1]
        Demonstration of functional III-V photovoltaic cell via processing of porous Ge substrates [1]
        Depositional and chemical controls on sedimentation, sequence stratigraphy, and pore development of the Pronghorn, Lower Silt, and Lower Shale members of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin [1]
        Design and application of magnesium oxide catalysts to combat deactivation in liquid-phase systems [1]
        Design and dispatch of concentrating solar power tower systems with utility-scale photovoltaics [1]
        Design and simulation of supercritical carbon dioxide recompression Brayton cycles with regenerators for recuperation [1]
        Design of a wireless energy harvesting system with a high polarization-purity circularly polarized array [1]
        Designing river basin storage using optimization [1]
        Developing and identifying physically based Li-ion battery models to inform real-time control applications [1]
        Development and application of hydrate formation, transportation and bedding models in liquid-dominated systems, The [1]