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        Accelerating the discovery and optimization of thermoelectric materials [1]
        Accumulated inelastic strain based damage modeling of pressure vessel steels in air [1]
        Advanced control of converters with multitask functionalities in distribution grid systems based on conservative power theory [1]
        Advanced organic characterization of hydraulic fracturing wastewaters [1]
        Advanced thermoplastic composites for wind turbine blade manufacturing [1]
        Analysis of military protective structures: a framework for quantifying cost-benefit of existing and new protective systems [1]
        Analysis of the stratigraphy, sedimentology and reservoir quality of the Dean sandstone within Borden and Dawson counties, Midland Basin, West Texas, An [1]
        Application of a custom-built, 400 MHz NMR probe on Eagle Ford Shale core plug samples, Gonzales and La Salle counties, Texas [1]
        Applications of spatial frequency modulation for imaging in cell deformation cytometry [1]
        Assessment of performance and efficiency of membrane distillation for treatment of impaired water and brine with high scaling potential [1]
        Basic research into performance improvements in plastic scintillator materials for homeland security [1]
        Bastnaesite beneficiation by froth flotation and gravity separation [1]
        Beneficiation and hydrometallurgical treatment of Norra Kärr eudialyte mineral [1]
        Biochemical and chemical controls on sedimentation, sequence stratigraphy, and diagenesis, in the Phosphoria rock complex (Permian), Rocky Mountain region, USA [1]
        Biogeochemical controls of uranium remediation and transport [1]
        Biomechanical modeling of gait in children with cerebral palsy [1]
        Catalytic coatings for vanadium-based hydrogen membranes [1]
        Catalytic upgrading of muconates for renewable chemical applications [1]
        Ceramic electrochemical cells for power generation and fuel production [1]
        Characterization of a vector network analyzer based millimeter-wave channel sounder [1]