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        Characterizing the southwestern extent of the Norumbega fault system, a mid-Paleozoic crustal-scale strike-slip fault system in the New England Appalachians [1]
        Chemical EOR economics of Sabriyah Lower Burgan reservoir: a reservoir sector model study [1]
        Clinothems of the Cretaceous Berbice Canyon, offshore Guyana [1]
        Cognitive comprehension framework for human-centered situation learning and adaptation in robotics, A [1]
        Combined simulation of musculoskeletal biomechanics and exoskeletons [1]
        Comparative analysis of 3D domain modelling alternatives: implications for mineral resource estimates [1]
        Comparison of cutting forces on disc cutters in constant vs variable penetration modes, The [1]
        Comparison of methods for calculating the rate of appearance of exogenous glucose [1]
        Comprehensive assessment of a hybrid membrane biosystem for sustainable desalination of produced water and frac flowback wastewater, A [1]
        Computational framework for studying seismicity induced by rock engineering activities [1]
        Constructing a Niobrara reservoir model using outcrop and downhole data [1]
        Construction and seismic testing of a resilient two-story mass timber structure with cross laminated rocking walls [1]
        Contact metamorphism of the Mancos shale: impacts on solute release and weatherability in the East River Valley, Gothic, CO [1]
        Controlling functionality and making structure-property correlation in nanostructured metal nitride materials [1]
        Controls on deposition, lithologic variability, and reservoir heterogeneity of prolific western interior shelf sandstone reservoirs: Tocito and El Vado sandstones, San Juan Basin, NM [1]
        Converting data from multi-instance to single-instance representations using p-Order Laplacian projections [1]
        Critical evaluation of additively manufactured electrical ceramics for dielectric resonator applications [1]
        Dark-bright solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates: dynamics, scattering, and oscillation [1]
        DC resistivity inversion for structural information [1]
        Density functional theory analysis of solute-defect interaction energies in fcc iron: fundamental origins and industrial application, A [1]