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        Fabrication, folding, and propulsion of complex colloidal molecules under applied magnetic fields [1]
        Factors predictive of roof instability in addition to the existing CMRR criteria at two case study coal mines [1]
        Feasibility of using distributed acoustic sensors in surface seismic application, The [1]
        Field effect in co-deposited quantum confined a/nc-Si:H, The [1]
        Flow accelerated corrosion of the heat exchanger carbon steel tubing in air cooled condensers [1]
        Fluvial fan architecture, facies, and interaction with lake: lessons learned from the Sunnyside Delta interval of the Green River Formation, Uinta Basin, Utah [1]
        Fracture optimization based on gradient descent methodology [1]
        Frequency spectrum analysis of water hammer events during hydraulic fracturing and the associated diagnostic applications [1]
        From grain to floodplain: evaluating heterogeneity of floodplain hydrostratigraphy using sedimentology, geophysics, and remote sensing [1]
        Geologic characterization and reservoir properties of the Upper Smackover Formation, Haynesville Shale, and Lower Bossier Shale, Thorn Lake field, Red River Parish, Louisiana, USA [1]
        Geological and geochemical assessment of the Sharon Springs member of the Pierre Shale and the Niobrara Formation within the Cañon City embayment, south-central Colorado [1]
        Geology and mineralization of the Pajarita mountain layered peralkaline syenitic pluton-hosted REE-Zr prospect, Mescalero Apache Reservation, New Mexico [1]
        Geomechanical property changes with hydrous pyrolysis in Mahogany oil shale in Green River Formation [1]
        Geometric quantum hydrodynamics and Bose-Einstein condensates: non-Hamiltonian evolution of vortex lines [1]
        Geothermal heat for remote acid mine drainage remediation: a laboratory and modelling study [1]
        Grand Canonical Monte Carlo simulation model for phase behavior of confined hydrocarbons, A [1]
        Groundwater-quality implications of methane leakage from hydrocarbon wellbores [1]
        Growth, structure, and properties of selected two-dimensional materials from density functional theory investigations [1]
        Heat treating response of 0.6 C steels for saw chain applications [1]
        Hole expansion performance and the resistance to crack propagation in high strength DP and QP steels [1]