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        Accelerated lifetime testing of thin film CdTe solar cells [1]
        Bench-scale investigation of oxygen transfer rate for system upgrades to a novel sequencing batch membrane bioreactor [1]
        Biodegradation of trace organic contaminants in stormwater infiltration systems [1]
        Catalytic properties of gold in direct alcohol fuel cells [1]
        Characterization of a wind turbine power curve by averaging period and operational region [1]
        Cleaner coal gasification: characterization of activated carbon as a suitable char surrogate [1]
        Electronic tuning of 4,10-dibromoanthanthrone for n-type acceptor materials [1]
        Engineering sulfur cathode materials for lithium-sulfur batteries [1]
        Evaluating the electric field in atom probe tomography [1]
        Feasibility of electrocoagulation as a primary treatment in waste water treatment plants [1]
        Functionalization of silicon quantum dots and deposition into silicon nanowire arrays [1]
        In operando optical measurements of sodium battery electrolytes [1]
        Input/output models for wind turbine control and fault detection [1]
        Molecular dynamic simulations of water contaminated biodiesel [1]
        Optimization of colloid deposition via dielectrophoretic assembly and flow coating [1]
        Sociodemographic factors influencing household energy efficiency in the United States [1]
        STEALS (Solar Thermoelectricity via Advanced Latent Heat Storage): Task 2: PCM heat storage & corrosion research [1]
        Study of silicon clathrates with sodium guest using EPR [1]
        Surface characterization of spalled germanium substrates [1]
        Synthesis of doped ZnSiP2 single crystals via flux growth technique [1]